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He must pay 2000 euros for having raised the barrier of a parking lot by hand

Stuck in a parking lot because of an automatic barrier that does not work, he tries to lift it by hand. He is charged with vandalism.

The day of March 11 started normally for Philipp Postrehovsky, a citizen of Vancouver (in Canada). Like every week, he had to take his son to a gym class. He then parked in a parking lot to drop him off, the Precise ParkLink, located in the City Square Mall.

Upon entering the parking lot, Philipp Postrehovsky’s day suddenly became much, much more complicated. Even as he pressed the button to enter, the automatic barrier access did not open. At the same time, a line of cars had formed behind him and his son wanted to go to the toilet. How to get out of this bad pass ?

This Canadian tries to lift an automatic barrier by hand to enter a parking lot

According to Philipp Postrehovsky, he found himself with his car stuck between a non-functioning automatic barrier and a line of motorists behind him. Logically, he presses the button to call parking assistance. But no one answers. Clearly, nothing is working as it should!

An idea then crossed his mind. If the automatic barrier does not open, why not open it yourself ? He gets out of the vehicle, and tries to lift her hand. In vain, the barrier remains blocked. “I got back in my car, security eventually arrived, had the gate opened and we were all able to get through”he explained to journalists from Global News.

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The parking company accuses him of vandalism

The situation then seems to have resolved itself. Security arrived, the barrier was able to work again and the cars entered the parking lot. But Philipp Postrehovsky was not at the end of its surprises. “I thought the problem was solved. Apparently it wasn’t. A week later, I received a ticket for nearly $3,000 (Canadian) where the parking lot stated that I had broken the automatic barrier and that they had to replace it”.

However, according to him, the automatic barrier had not been broken when he had tried to lift it. Moreover, the security managed to make it work again shortly after, when she arrived on the spot. However, the company operating the car park is now accusing this Canadian of vandalism. “I had never vandalized anything in my life and I was just trying to get out of this situation (…) I think it is the responsibility of the parking company to ensure that their equipment works. »

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