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Is living in a campervan as economical as it looks?

Life in a converted van would not be economical. In any case, this is the opinion of this Briton, who spent two years traveling his country in a van.

A specialist in camper van life came to share his experience and advice on his Youtube channel, @ThoseHappyDays. Now 37, Liam Day has been tempted by life in a van. With his 40-year-old partner Janine, he traveled the UK far and wide, traveling from campsite to campsite to sleep at night.

However, contrary to the current trend, he was not satisfied with his van experience. Or more precisely, he advises all those who would like to live in a van or a converted van to take into account all the negative aspects of their choice. Financial problems are one of them. According to him, life in a van is far from economical!

Traveling in a converted van, an experience that requires a lot of savings!

‘You’ve probably heard that living in a van in the UK saves a lot of money – but it’s cost us a real fortune’, he begins his video. One of the first costs obviously lies in buying the van. Two solutions are generally open. “You can spend 2,000 euros for an old rusty carcass or 200,000 euros for an already converted motorhome” he explains.

Liam Day and his wife fell back on the first option. They acquired a Transit for the equivalent of 10,000 euros. Not being fitted out, it was necessary to pay a certain number of jobs. The transformation of the vehicle cost them an additional 8,500 euros. Almost doubling the price of their van! “The second van we bought, which is the one we have now, is a Citroën Relay Luton which cost us 17,000 euros. As it is twice as big, its transformation cost us twice as much”.

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Living on the road is far from economical

The cost of the van is just the start of a long series of expenses inherent to life in a campervan. Among these, the cost of fuel represents a significant budget, especially with the inflation that is currently affecting the energy sector. According to him, they have to spend 170 euros on fuel per week (nearly 700 euros per month).

In addition, one must take into account the winter heating cost, parking in camping areas, internet… A whole range of services usually available in an apartment or a house suddenly become more expensive, such as laundry. The cost of any repairs to the vehicle must also be taken into account. In the end, sedentary life would be much more economical!

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