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This mythical rally car of the ’80s is going to be resurrected

Motorsport Tools (MST), a Welsh company, intends to revive the MG Metro 6R4, one of the best-known Group B rally cars.

Motorsport Toolsa Welsh company, recently announced plans to re-build models of MG Metro 6R4. This car is one of the most famous and incredible Group B rally cars of the 1980s. Designed in 1984 by Austin Rover et MGthe vehicle aimed to breathe new life into certain brands of the British firm British Leyland – now defunct.

The MG Metro 6R4 competed in Group B, rallying’s premier class in the 1980s. This group allowed cars with high horsepower and low weight, leading to the construction of a few competition monsters. The 6R4 was part of it for a while. And although it didn’t shine much in racing, it remained in people’s minds as one of the most incredible rally cars ever made.

The MG Metro 6R4 will rise from the ashes in an ultra-limited version

Today a Welsh company decided to re-release the MG Metro 6R4 in a modernized version and for individuals. According to the media Autocar, that company plans to build it with Ingolstadt’s 3.0-liter V6 engine – the one that powers the Audi S4 B8. True to its history, the new 6R4 will be a veritable monster of power, driven by 450 horsepower brake power.

On the other hand, MST will only produce five copies of the MG Metro 6R4. It’s not about making it an easy-to-access car, but rather a high-end vehicle. Its price will be fixed at more than 330,000 euros duty free. Two versions will be available, at the customer’s choice. One will be more oriented for driving on the road. The second will be lighter and intended for sports practices.

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A car from the golden age of rallying

Released in 1985, the MG Metro 6R4 did not have time to demonstrate all its racing performance. Group B, of which she was a member, was banned from competition in 1986 after a series of serious accidents. Unrestricted in terms of performance, Group B cars were renowned for their power and speed. Spectacularthese races marked motorsport to the point that the period 1982-1986 is often called “the golden age of rallying”.

However, the category had also gone too far. Too powerful and sometimes difficult to control, Group B cars led to fatal accidents, as much on the side of the pilots as of the spectators. Several scandals finished off the category, which was definitively abolished in 1986. The few MG Metro 6R4 models then ended up in private hands. Today, five more will be produced in 2024!

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