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Flashed at 230 km/h, she claims to want to avoid running out of gas

Sunday in Oise (France), a motorist was arrested at the wheel of her Porsche when she wanted to quickly fill up with gasoline…

As she drove at high speed at the wheel of his Porsche last Sunday, a motorist was arrested by a police patrol on the A1 motorway, in Oise (France). Law enforcement was dumbfounded when she gave them the excuse thatshe was going at 230 km/h, on a road limited to 130 km/hbecause she was going to run out of gas!

The out of gas stunt didn’t work

Obviously, the gendarmes did not want to know anything about his pretext of looking for a gas station as soon as possible. By committing such a serious speeding violation, she endangered society and herself. After alcohol and drug tests, she was negative. On the other hand, his passenger, who possessed cannabis, had to pay a fine of 150 euros.

The owner of the Porsche, who was driving, was fined €750. His vehicle was impounded. In addition, his driver’s license was withdrawn from him by the gendarmes in view of his offense and his totally unconscious behavior.

It must be said that the gendarmes took 20 kilometers before catching up with the offender! In doing so, they could well have had an accident because of the speed imposed by the motorist.

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The Web can’t believe it

On Facebook, where the Oise gendarmerie published this story, there were many comments criticizing the behavior of the motorist:

“I hope you collect all the nonsense you hear as excuses” or “Is she aware that if she drives slower she will consume less fuel? » or “Belgians are funny, they drive faster to save gas when it makes you consume two or even three more…”

And you ? What would you have done in place of the gendarmes? Admit that the excuse given ready to smile… One thing is certain, this motorist is not afraid of speed!

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