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This trailer overturns on the road under the weight of a Hummer

And one less Hummer! In Florida, a pick-up carrying one of these SUVs on a large trailer lost its balance under the weight of the 4×4…

In March, a surprising and at the same time very impressive accident took place in Florida, near Miami. A video posted on Instagram shows a pickup truck driving down the highway with a trailer that is disproportionately large compared to the vehicle towing it. And on it, only one car is transported: a Hummer. To tell the truth, everything seemed to be going perfectly, despite an installation that seemed to be unstable, to say the least.

But with a trailer usually pulled by a truck, could this pick-up make the weight? Especially since it was not necessarily carrying the lightest of vehicles, a Hummer weighing almost three tons empty. What had to happen happened: the pick-up ended up losing its balance in a bend, unfortunately not benefiting from the stability of a semi-trailer…

Heartbreaking moment for Hummer fans

This scene can only hurt the heart Hummer enthusiasts, a model that is all the more appreciated in the United States. The Hummer in question also costs nearly 100,000 euros, which adds to the drama of this accident. In this accident, the pick-up which pulled the trailer could not do anything. It was carried away with the set, not withstanding the weight of the SUV.

He even almost completely turned around! A frightening scene. Everything happened very quickly. The pickup started rocking, while the trailer in the back was leaning more and more. Fortunately, the accident remained confined to the trailer, the Hummer and the pick-up, although a van was almost run over. If no damage is to be deplored around the scene, the conclusion is on the other hand very different for the Hummer and the pick-up…

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Crushed against the asphalt, there is not much left of the Hummer

Because of the accident, the Hummer is left in a very sorry state. As the video shows, the American SUV repeatedly crashed into the road, severely damaging it on both sides. At the sight of 4×4several Internet users were carried away, surprised that the driver of the pick-up had managed to put the Hummer on both sides in one and the same accident. “He managed to put the vehicle on its two mirrors at once, it’s a nice sleight of hand”commented one of them.

Other netizens have pointed out how the Hummer transport operation was dangerous and unstable. “Another lazy driver trying to save time by not repositioning the vehicle correctly”considered a user on Instagram, considering that the problem came from the bad position of the 4×4 on the trailer. “He knew very well that this car was too heavy to be loaded so high on the trailer”, said another. In any case, as sad as it is, this accident has gone viral!

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