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Jeep Avenger test: love at first sight in sight?

Cars american often rhyme with excess! Well, that cliché could be buried for good with the arrival of this SUV: the Jeep Avenger ! Behind this name that breathes the American blockbuster actually hides the Jeep’s first-ever all-electric SUV ! Almost a shame for an American brand!

But in the spirit of the times, manufacturers are moving, each in turn, to electrification! So is this first zero-emission Jeep a success ? This is what we will see during this test.

Don d’organes

Under the hood of the Jeep Avenger, there is a 156 hp electric motor, well known at Stellantis. Indeed, the latter already equips other electric models of the group, in particular the DS3 e-tense. As a result, no real surprise when pressing the right pedal. We take advantage of a engine approval that is more than enough to the use for which the Avenger was designed: the city.

On the small Andalusian roads of our test, the 156 hp electric motor still keeps pace and offers good performance. On the other hand, once on the expresswaysit will be necessary to accept ride coolon the right lane… At the risk of seeing autonomy melt like snow in the sun.

Nevertheless, this engine approval is felt only in mode sport. Only mode where we take advantage of the 156 hp of the Jeep Avenger. As soon as we go into mode normalthe electric Jeep now only has 108 ch. A power that falls even 80 hp, in eco mode ! And clearly, if this last mode serves above all to preserve the autonomy of our urban SUV, the engine shows itself here anemic !

In other words, regardless of the conditions, we can only advise you to evolve in sport mode.

Common battery

If the Avenger has the same engine as the DS3 e-tense, the similarities with its French cousin do not stop there. There battery with a capacity of 54 kWh of our Avenger is also from the Stellantis catalog. What on paper allows an autonomy of 404 km in mixed cycle WLTP.

Nothing new, of course, but let’s not forget that this is an urban SUV. Not a fighter to cross the west coast of the USA. Thus, de facto, the autonomy announced by Jeep is in the usual average of urban SUVs.

But that’s on paper. As always, the data displayed as part of our test is far from the autonomy announced by the manufacturer. We will of course wait for more precise measurements from our dear Auto Lab Plus to find out more. But in the meantime, we can already tell you what our dashboard shows. Count approximately 300 km range.

Regarding charging, Jeep announces 24 min to go from 20 to 80% on a fast terminal, up to 100 kW max.. Count 5:30 for charging at a household wall outlet Wallbox de 11 kW.

Baby Jeep

So when we told you earlier that it was not a pure and hard American, it is also felt with regard to the dimensions of the Jeep Avenger.
Already, it is considered too small by our friends from the country of Uncle Sam. Then, with 4.08 m long and 1.53 m highit is clear that, even with us, the Avenger is the smaller of your class.

Inevitably, a small size leads to a small trunk. The volume of 355 L is not the most habitable and looks more like a carrying capacity worthy of a city car.

However, the exterior pencil stroke of the Avenger retains some aesthetic codes specific to Jeep. We find, for example, the trapezoidal wheel arches well marked, rather broad shoulders or even the seven-slot grille.

Techno but not premium

Once on board, we are somewhat disappointed by the interior. This deserves more standing. Nothing prohibitive certainly, but it is true that the quality of materialsand more specifically that of plastics, is closer to those of Fiat than Peugeot. On the other hand, we appreciate the color insert (or chrome depending on the version) which runs on the dashboard as well as the light atmosphere worked. two elements that enhance the atmosphere on board of this Jeep Avenger.

In the absence of being irreproachable on the quality of the materials, the Jeep Avenger makes up for it in terms of technology. Starting with this 10.25 inch central touch screen who embarks Wireless Apple Car Play or Android Auto. A central screen supplemented by a fully digital dashboardof the same size on our test model.

Furthermore, we take advantage of a lots of standard equipment and driving aids on all Avenger finishes. Note that in the finish Summitthe highest, we also have as standard level 2 semi-autonomous driving.

Easy and quick

Overall, the Jeep Avenger proves balanced and well suspended. We take advantage of a good comfort, although we didn’t have a bumpy ride on our route to test the suspensions’ filtration capabilities. Comfort is also acoustic with a satisfactory soundproofing.

At the same time, the Jeep Avenger uses its more stocky template and running gear adjustments which are specific to him benefit from very good road holding and a bigger one maneuverability.

In short, in use, it is pleasant this Avengers!

Floor rates

In addition to being pleasant at the wheel, the other key argument of this Jeep Avenger lies in its prices. With a call price starting at €36,500 excluding ecological bonuswe are here in the presence of one of the cheapest premium and 100% electric urban SUVs on the market.

For comparison, its cousin DS3 e-tense asks au minimum 41 700 €. A Smart #1 is negotiated 39 990 € for the entry level. Only the Hyundai Kona Electric does better in terms of prices since the Korean SUV is offered from 35 100 €.

However, the price / equipment ratio is clearly in favor of the Jeep. And all this is all the more true as soon as we rely on superior finishes!

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Jeep Avenger : verdict

In a segment in perpetual evolution, it is essential for each manufacturer to find a place in it. Admittedly, the Jeep Avenger does not revolutionize anything… but the real fake American makes good use of proven technical elements. She adds the Jeep “leg” and a touch of originality.

With, as a bonus, a adjusted commercial offer, it could well hurt the competition. Not too bad for a first, fingers in the grip!

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