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Auction: This Lamborghini is the find of the year

A 1982 Lamborghini Countach LP500S was just found in a warehouse. This is probably the most incredible discovery of the year.

Finding an old car abandoned in a warehouse, garage, barn, or even in a field is the kind of find that car enthusiasts dream of. It is still extremely rare to find luxury sports cars. Recently, however, a lucky guy came across a Lamborghini Countach LP500S.

This model dates from 1982 and was only produced at just under 400 copies by the Italian manufacturer. When it was removed from the warehouse where it was rediscovered, it was hidden under decades of dust. The amazement of the individuals who made this discovery must in any case be considerable, as this sports car is so rare and magnificent.

A Lamborghini Countach LP500S is found in a warehouse

This sports car is not just any Countach LP500S. This is the very first model in the series to be built. Its history begins in 1982, when it leaves Lamborghini factories to be presented at the Geneva Motor Show. There, it nails most visitors, seduced by its futuristic and avant-garde design.

Beyond its style, the Countach LP500S showed great performance for its time. It was fitted with a 4.8 liter double overhead camshaft V12 engine. The mechanics are also a creation of Lamborghini and allow the car to be pushed to a top speed of 300 km/h. In terms of power, its engine develops 380 horsepower.

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This Lamborghini has been sold new in Italy after its exhibition in Geneva, to then be shipped to Germany and the United States. In 1985, it changed owners and passed into the hands of a certain Carlos Cavazo (the guitarist of the group Quiet Riot). Very attached to his car, he kept it for fifteen years before storing it permanently in California.

The Countach sat there, unused, until today. However, she has not been forgotten. After being rediscovered, in circumstances that have not been specified, she receiveda first restoration. According to Classic Driver, it would need to be restored again. For the moment, its sale price has not been indicated either.

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