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Chang Li S1-Pro: an electric micro-city car at a bargain price!

€1,500 for an electric car: here is an offer not to be missed. Especially if you’re not big on comfort and performance.

When we wish invest in an electric car, in most cases you have to take out a big check.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to be equipped with a clean vehicle the environment.

But there are sometimes solutions. Whether it’s public transport or offers not to be missed on the market of electric.

An electric car at the price of a phone

Today we offer you an electric car at a price defying all competition: 1 500 €.

Obviously, at the level comfort and accessories on board vehiclewe are far from what we can have at Tesla or at Renault.

Forget the space on board, point fort electrics, forget the comfortable and immediate power, forget the abundant new technologies.

No speed regulator neither on this little Chang Li S1-Pro. At the same time with a maximum speed of 43 km/hits utility is almost nil.

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A car produced in China

The Chang Li S1-Pro is produced by Chinese company Changzhou Xili Car Industry, which sells tricycles and small commercial vehicles.

At level dimensionsthe Chinese car measures 2.40 meters long and is equipped with 3 seats.

According to the manufacturer, this small city car is “designed to travel short distances and in China is mainly used as a taxi in cities”.

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A range of up to 100 km

Finally know that if you want, you can acheter your car directly on the site d’Alibaba.

The package will then be shipped to you via a boat from China. For the carbon footprintwe’ll go back.

As for autonomyaccording to the manufacturer, it would be between 40 and 100 km, depending on your usage. Charging time is between 6 and 8 a.m.

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