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This enthusiast builds a Formula 1 in his garage

Passionate about car racing since he was little, this inhabitant of the Meuse began to build his Formula 1. A large-scale project!

Davy Watrin, a resident of the Meuse, is car racing enthusiast since his earliest childhood. So much so that he set himself a somewhat crazy challenge: to build his own Formula 1. To tell the truth, he had already acquired experience in the field. In 2020, he had created a replica of the McLaren MP4/4 of Ayrton Senna, a pilot of whom he is a fan.

May’s beginning, journalists from France 3 Grand Est went to meet him. An aeronautical painter by profession, he devoted his evenings to building his racing car. For more comfort, he devoted himself to his project in his living room, “Quiet in front of the TV”. It came out a 250 horsepower carready to participate in a few races.

A well-considered project

Davy Watrin’s passion for F1 racing goes way back. When he was younger, he was especially fascinated by the legendary Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna. “Since I was little, he’s been my idol. I remember the fights between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. At that time, it was really pure competition. There was a battle”he explained to journalists from France 3.

He first considered getting into motor racing too. “I wanted to do a flight school, but of course it was a big budget. My parents were workers so it was not possible”, he says. However, in passion for racing cars remained. After building a first replica of Ayrton Senna’s F1 in 2020, he decided to design his own.

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A large-scale project

Construction did not happen overnight. “I had put the survival cell on trestles. Gradually, I drew the pieces that I was going to put on it. And it started to make a car”, he specified. When his F1 started to take up too much space, he moved it in his garage. “I did the whole suspension system, the steering, the brakes, the whole rear axle (…) It’s long! ».

His project eventually came to fruition. From the outside, his creation looks exactly like a Formula 1 car. “At the level of the chassis, in width and in length, it is identical. » On the other hand, it lacks a real F1 engine. He then replaced it with a 1300 cc motorcycle engine. He modified it to increase its power to 250 horsepower. The car is now ready to race. He signed her up for a competition on May 28, in Chimay, Belgium.

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