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This speed camera flashes you if you slow down before another speed camera!

Here is a process that could do damage. A speed camera can now flash you if you slow down just before passing another speed camera.

When you take the road, you must pass in front of a speed camera, whatever the type.

The most common is the one that flashes the car drivers being speeding. The technique that everyone uses is to brake before to arrive close to the radar.

Know that in Portugal, a radar just set up and flashes you… if you slow down before another speed camera.

Surprise motorists

This system even has a name: le radar cascades. It’s a winning process. in popularity in Europe and who could disembark In France.

It is therefore here of a system which allows you to catch the drivers which brake before the action zone of a speed camera conventional.

Because it is true that many drivers know where are the various controls and are in infraction throughout the journey, except when passing the radar.

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Capture the actual speed of a driver

You would have understood it, the idea here is to capture the true speed of the driver by installing several radars at the same place. It is therefore possible to see two or even three radars for the same section.

That said, captured speed by the speed cameras is not the real speed of the vehicle. There is something called: the margin of error.

Depending on the country and the speed, this is more or less 5km/h. Which means that on a limited road at 50 km/hyou will only be fined if you exceed the margin of error.

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Similar speed cameras in Spain

The same process is already visible in Spain. The principle is the same: speed cameras placed upstream speed cameras or downstream.

These radars can check if a driver has braked just before the passage ahead of the main radar and if it has accelerated after passing.

For the moment in France, l’installation such devices was not to the agenda. However, if this process shows any its efficiencyit would not be surprising to see this technology arrive.

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