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He traces his ex with a GPS tag on his car

The fact of placing this GPS plotter earned this Landais in his forties to be placed in custody last Thursday in Mont-de-Marsan (France)

Love can sometimes make you do incomprehensible things. This is what happened to this man in his forties, who was taken into custody after placing a GPS tracker on his ex-girlfriend’s car in order to follow his every move. Discovered on the car, the tracer was handed over to the police and theman placed under judicial supervisionin Mont-de-Marsan.

Tracking your ex using a GPS is obviously illegal

This resident of Mimizan will be tried next October by the court after having harassed his ex. The facts lasted several months and were materialized by the installation of this GPS beacon. The Mont-de-Marsan prosecutor’s office explained the case to the media and claimed that the individual wanted to spy on his ex. Fortunately, the latter was not abused, but it is difficult to understand why this man wanted to know what she was doing.

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Repeated insults and threats

During the hearings, his ex-girlfriend recounted the facts and all that she has suffered in recent months. Since October 2022, the date on which the couple separated, she has seen that her ex-companion has been constantly passing in front of her home in order to monitor her. She also knows that he asks their three children for information about his personal agenda. Moreover, she suspects him of tagging the words “whore” and “bitch” on his car a few weeks ago.

She therefore lodged a complaint with the gendarmerie so that her ordeal could end. An investigation was opened and it made it possible to find a GPS beacon in the car.

While in police custody, the man admitted to having put this GPS beacon in the vehicle. However, there was no harassment according to him. However, he will be tried next October and he is placed under judicial supervision in the meantime.

It is obviously prohibited from contacting his ex-partner.

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