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False PV: this new QR Code scam is causing carnage!

A new scam is targeting French motorists: be careful not to be fooled by this new rather well-crafted scam!

If you didn’t know, the QR Code is a fairly old technology, dating back to the 1990s. However, it only took off at the end of the 2000s with the arrival of smartphones, and especially more recently since the health crisis, with which the use QR Codes has literally exploded.

From now on, “flashing” a QR Code has become a daily reflex, so that smartphone users are not always aware of the dangers that such action may entail. Indeed, an ill-intentioned person can conceal a fraudulent link behind a QR Code, which will therefore be consulted by its potential victims.

False PV: a scam filed on windshields

This is precisely the modus operandi ofa new scamwhich targets French motorists: the Gendarmerie of Seine-et-Marne recently communicated on this subject, and asks users to pay attention to these fake PV that can be placed on windshields victims’ vehicles. This is a new “phishing” scam, also called “hameçonnage” in French, intended to extract personal information.

Printed on green paper, these fake tickets quite skilfully reproduce a real ticket, even if some clues can still put you in the ear. It contains the logo of the French Republic, as well as an information text indicating that the user has received a fine following a violation of parking regulations.

This speech is accompanied by a QR Code, which would make it possible to pay the amount of the fine: when the victims scan it, they are redirected to a fraudulent site which encourages them to pay the fine, amounting to 35 €. The victims then enter their bank card number, and fall into the trap: the bank details will then be reused or resold by the criminals.

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False PV: how not to fall into the trap?

In order not to fall into the trap of these false VPs, it is necessary to remain particularly vigilant. Indeed, the QR Code refers to the website « »who is a counterfeit of the real site : you can easily check this information on the address bar of your browser.

As a general rule, the official websites of the French Government are all accessible on the official extension « » : distrust is in order when this is not the case. Indeed, the real official website that allows you to pay a real ticket is:

If you have been the victim of such a scam, and you have unfortunately entered your bank details on a fraudulent website, you should contact your bank as soon as possible to have your bank card blocked and to dispute the fraudulent transactions.

Source : Gendarmerie of Seine-et-Marne

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