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For sale: an electric Corvette developed by Motorola

Available on eBay, this historic Motorola electric car is selling for $100,000 in Gurnee, Illinois (USA).

We hear lately that General Motors is reportedly working on an electric Corvette fleet for 2025. These vehicles should include a four-door and an SUV, as we have seen in recent years with Ford and the Mustang Mach-E.

For now, the rumor about the electric Corvettes are unfounded but anyway, it will not be the first Corvettes equipped with a rechargeable battery.

Motorola and Corvette, pioneers in this field

Already in 1993, the company Motorola, which became known for these telephones, transformed a 1987 Corvette C4 into a an electric car. The project around it had been named the EX-12 and the man behind it was electrical engineer Sanjar Ghaem. He was chief technology officer of the automotive section of the Motorola company.

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The car is for sale

According to him, this type of engine would ensure the future of the company and so it was for this reason that he built a demonstration model for Motorola with his colleague Ken Gerbetz, Ghaem.

This EX-11 then beat a Toyota and GM in the 1993 Arizona Public Service Solar and Electric 500. Since this first project had seduced the bosses of Motorolathey actually did the same on a muscle car.

It was then that the EX-12 was born. Incidentally, an investment of $25,000, provided by Motorola, was necessary. The base of the Corvette C4 served as the body for this revolutionary engine.

This car has been on sale on eBay for a short time. If you want to start a collection or the perfect one, this is the ideal car. However, its price is 100,000 dollars. If you are interested, she is waiting for you in Gurnee, Illinois (USA).

It is in excellent condition with 64,624 miles on the odometer.

The only problem concerning the batteries, which will have to be changed because the car has been parked for 30 years. We therefore wish the buyer good luck in finding the ones that match.. .

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