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Fuel: prices should drop in the coming days

The government assures that fuel prices will drop over the next few days in order to follow the European trend.

Will the situation finally improve at service stations? For the moment, nothing is less certain. But it could be that things are about to improve all the same a little bit. Because fuel prices have been particularly high for several months now, in France but also in the rest of Europe. Several things explain this surge in prices, starting of course with the war in ukraine, which had the effect of driving up the price of oil. This therefore of course has an impact on the price paid at the pump by motorists. But we must not forget the taxes, which are particularly high.

A small improvement

In recent days, the price of petrol and diesel has fallen all over Europe. Except in France. A situation which, according to some, can be explained by the excessively high margins of distributors. This is what the government wants to counter, which has asked them to play the game. The Minister for Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runnacher explains that “ I expect manufacturers and professionals to lower their prices, this is what is happening. Manufacturers and distributors have told us that these prices would continue to fall in the next few days« .

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Falling prices

She continues by stating at the microphone of France 2 that ” The goal today is to restore a normal level of fuel prices. We are getting there, we are returning to a price that matches the price before the war in Ukraine“. For about a month, prices have indeed been down slightly, but not to the point of equaling other European countries, which have reached pre-conflict levels. In any case, no new aid is planned from the government for the moment.

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