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General Motors is preparing its return to Europe for this fall

It has been many years since General Motors has had a significant presence in Europe. However, the American group is preparing its return to the Old Continent, with a range of exclusively electric models. The realization of this project is imminent since the launch of the first model should take place this fall. With the Norwegian market as the first base.

Since leaving Chevrolet in 2015 and selling Opel to Stellantis in 2017the presence of General Motors in Europe is, to say the least, anecdotal. The American giant is now only present via its Corvette brands, through the new Stingray, and Cadillac, which still markets the XT4 premium compact SUV, equipped with a diesel engine. Two models that flow in dribs and drabs. Only 143 Cadillacs and 221 Chevrolets found takers in the first quarter.

And if the Camaro was once also in the brand’s catalog, it has disappeared for its 2022 vintage. The new Camaros, but also the Colorado or Silverado Pick-Ups and the large Chevrolet Tahoe or Cadillac Escalade SUVs that can be sometimes cross on our roads are the fruit of private importers. General Motors now wants to relaunch on the Old Continent. The proof is: the group has opened a new advanced design center in the UK to support this comeback.

A fully electric range

General Motors will therefore launch a product offensive in Europe focusing on its 100% electric products. The increase in sales of electric cars is a big thorn out of the side of the American manufacturer. He who has long suffered from the high consumption of his large gasoline engines.

According to Automotive News at the source of this informationthe first model to cross the Atlantic would be le SUV Cadillac Lyriq, a 5-meter-long luxury crossover with dimensions comparable to the Tesla Model X or the BMW iX. However, it adopts a more streamlined and dynamic style than its two future rivals, offers two or four-wheel drive, 300 or 500 hp, and a range of up to 496 km according to the American EPA certification cycle. Its US price starts at $58,590 (€53,593), but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it take €10,000 when arriving in Europe.

For more accessible models, we will have to wait for the arrival of the Chevrolet Equinox EV or Blazer EV; models that could rub shoulders with VW ID.4, Tesla Model Y and other Skoda Enyaq among others. But it will still be necessary to be patient, because their marketing will only begin in the United States. And especially, their coming to Europe is not yet confirmed.

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Norway first

A must for any brand that wants to (re)enter the electrical market in Europe, General Motors targets Norway as first market. Logic: over there, more than 80% of registrations concern 100% electric cars. The Norwegians should therefore be able to order the Cadillac Lyriq this fall, quickly joined by their neighbors in the other Nordic countries, if we are to believe the source cited by Automotive News.

And in France ? No information has filtered for the moment. The great unknown currently is whether General Motors will rely on a network of dealers for the distribution of its models, or on an online sales model with points of contact as its compatriots Tesla, Lucid or Fisker do. Because if Chevrolet could rely on a rather solid network in the early 2010s, few dealers of that time would doubtless be ready to try a new adventure with the group that left them on the floor ten years ago.

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