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A concept car from a defunct American brand put up for sale

This concept car is one of the last models of the great muscle car era. But in reality, it never really existed…

For its next auctions, Mecum Auctions will put on sale a model of Plymouth GTX. These vehicles were built by Chrysler between 1967 and 1971 under the name of Plymouth, a famous American brand which disappeared in 2001 after more than 70 years of existence. The GTX had the distinction of being sports muscle cars, more powerful than their competitors.

Arrived a little late on the market, they were arrested in 1971. At the time, the rise in the price of gasoline and environmental constraints had indeed sounded the end of the era of muscle cars. This Plymouth GTX has another particularity. Contrary to what the announcement of the auction indicates, it is a 1972 model. However, that year, Chrysler no longer produced these vehicles. So what’s the story behind this car?

A Plymouth from the end of the muscle car era

Plymouth GTXs were first introduced in 1967, as the Plymouth Belvedere. Designed with a more luxurious interior and better performance than other muscle cars, they were sold as the « muscle car des gentlemen ». Its driving was also more manageable, which made it a particularly interesting road vehicle.

The GTX was also very popular with connoisseurs thanks to its engine. In 1967, Chrysler had equipped it with the American engine the most powerful of the time, a Hemi V8. By 1970, its power had reached 425 horsepower. Today, these vehicles are globally highly sought after by some passionate collectors of American cars.

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A model that really never existed

The GTX sold by Mecum Auctions was not built by Chrysler, but by a couple passionate about American cars, Gary et Pam Beineke. However, it is not completely out of their imagination. They based themselves on plans for the 1972 model that had been drawn by Chrysler and never translated to factory production.

To develop this model, they used une Plymouth Road Runner from 1971. The couple even benefited from the wise advice of the Chrysler designer of the time, John Herlitz. The result simply represents what a 1972 GTX might have looked like had Chrysler not discontinued the line in 1971. Mecum Auctions rates it between 92,000 and 115,000 euros.

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