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Fiat Titano: a new pick-up thanks to Peugeot

After the Strada and Toro, Fiat will soon market a third pick-up in Brazil, where it has been the undisputed leader for several years. This will benefit from Stellantis synergies, and in particular the Peugeot Landtrek pick-up.

Fiat is the undisputed leader of the Brazilian automotive market. Arriving, however, much later than Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Ford and Renault, it quickly made a name for itself in this market which at the time offered flourishing prospects. It was in 1980, the successive oil crises (1973 and 1979) had weakened the global automobile market. In Brazil, too, people depended heavily on gasoline to run cars. To make matters worse, the 1960s and their economic boom favored the marketing of large models. Even sports cars (Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia, Willys-Alpine Interlagos, Puma GT…). This sudden setback in the 1970s had radically changed the structure of the national market. He then focused on small, economical and above all energy-efficient models.. A great breach into which Fiat had entered, which launched its 147 in 1976, a Brazilian version of the 127 available from us at the time.

Fiat, the first Brazilian car manufacturer

It was then the first Brazilian model available to run on ethanol. This energy transformation was another consequence of the oil crisis of 1973. The Government had decided to impose this technology: in 1983, ten years later, 99% of new models registered in Brazil ran on ethanol (sugar cane being abundant there). After the 147, Fiat enjoyed great success thanks to the One, the typethe street. She is today the first car brand in Brazil (cars and utilities combined). In 2022, its pick-up Strada was the first model sold in the country. There Mobi mini towns took fifth position, and the citizens of Argos the nineth. Fiat is stepping up its offensive there today, with the teaser of a new and original model: the Titano.

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A pick-up with Franco-Chinese roots

This future D-segment pick-up will be the largest in the range. It will cap the Strada (B) and Toro (C), for directly compete with the Toyota Hilux and Chevrolet S-10. It is not, however, a totally new model. The name is certainly new, but not the pick-up which hides below. The Titano will actually be a rebadged Peugeot Landtrek ! This model reserved for emerging countries was developed in 2019 in collaboration with Changan. Chinese manufacturer with which Peugeot was associated at the time within the CAPSA joint venture. The Titano will therefore be a rebadged Landtrek, itself a rebadged Changan Hunter! This model benefits directly from new synergies enabled by the Stellantis group, of which Peugeot and Fiat are part. Since May 2022, Peugeot thus distributes the Peugeot Partner Rapid locally, which is just a rebadged Fiat Fiorino. The Torino, which will be unveiled in its final form in the coming weeks, will be the second utility specific to the two brands in South America…

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