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Subaru: four electric SUVs by 2026

While the Solterra, Subaru’s first 100% electric model, begins (timidly) its deliveries in Europe, the Japanese manufacturer announces an action plan to intensify its electric offensive.

If they are success is marginal in France, Subaru remains an influential automaker. Even original with regard to its industrial strategies! Founded in 1953the japanese brand specializes in flat engines (known as “Boxer”). As well as in models with all-wheel drive. The Leone 4WD, released in 1972, is for example considered the first production car with a 4X4 transmission! The brand will go from success to success over the years. Driven in particular by the development de son SUV Forester and of to Impreza compact sedans. We owe the latter a package of World Rally Championship victories (about fifty!), who contributed to make this appellation part of the legend of the automobile. But in recent years, the brand has been discreet with us…

Only one electric model, but not yet in France

In France, only four models are offeredcompared to 9 in the United States. The Imprezale crossover XV, le SUV Forester and the station wagon Outback. The first three are automatically offered as an e-Boxer hybrid. The Outback in gasoline only. On this table, there is no electric model. However, a quick glance at the Belgian site, for example, reveals the Solterra crossover. This first 100% electric model from Subaru was developed jointly with Toyota.

It features the same technology as the BZ4X: a 218 hp motor powered by a 71.4 kWh battery. And, Subaru requires, four-wheel drive is offered as standard! Launched in 2022, it is not yet available with us. Subaru being a brand traditionally weighed down by ecological penalties in France. While we still do not know if the new generation of Impreza will make its arrival here, the manufacturer has announced the future development of three new electric SUVs.

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Four electric models in the next few years

Subaru aims for 40% electric sales by 2030, and 200,000 per year by 2026. The maneuver must therefore be accelerated! By 2030, the Japanese manufacturer will therefore have four electric models in its range, including the current Solterra. Among the novelties, an electrical equivalent to the Crosstekthe crossover derivative of the Impreza. It is known to us under the name of XV, but its last generation is not distributed there.

The second will be an electric station wagon, also segment Cand positioned as an alternative to the Outback. Finally, the large 7-seater SUV Ascent will also be entitled to an electric equivalent. Although it is currently not distributed with us, such motorization makes it possible to consider it for the future. Subaru did not specify launch dates for these models.. But if it aims for 200,000 units by 2026, there is no doubt that we will know more before that date.

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