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Tesla Model Y: soon available with a BYD battery

Soon produced in the Berlin Gigafactory, this “new” Tesla Model Y will carry a BYD battery with a capacity of 55 kWh and promises a range of 440 km.

We’ve been waiting for it for a few months now. the first Model Y equipped with a battery provided by BYD has arrived. The American SUV equipped with this “new” Chinese battery has come out of the production lines of the Gigafactory in Berlin.

The Tesla Model Y should soon receive, depending on the version, the famous “Blade” battery well known to electric car enthusiasts, since it is produced by the Chinese company BYD. This is a battery with LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) chemistry.

Better energy density than the CATL battery

Although the collaboration between the two companies is known, neither of them has ever officially admitted the existence of any agreement. For what ? Quite simply because in terms of sales, Tesla and BYD are now in head-to-head competition in the world of electric cars on a global scale.

The Blade battery, supplied by FinDreams, a subsidiary of BYD in charge of the production of accumulators, has the particularity of having a “cell-to-pack” architecture. It does not have many intermediate modules, which increases its energy density.

The battery presents interesting performances. On the Model Y, this accumulator has a capacity of 55 kWh and can accept a maximum load power of 170 kWhallowing you to go from 10 to 70% autonomy in just a quarter of an hour.

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Still in prototype stage

The Blade battery arrived at the Gigafactory in Berlin about a month ago according to German media, on May 4 to be exact. Its commissioning on the production lines came about 15 days later, on May 20, when the first Tesla Model Y equipped with a BYD battery rolled out of the factory.

At present, the Model Y equipped with the Chinese battery is still not “officially” in production and is still at the prototype stage. This model could arrive in the catalog as an entry level with a range of approximately 440 km.

An interesting figure since, as a reminder, the Model Y Propulsion, which is produced in China and which is equipped with a CATL battery, claims 455 km of autonomy, for a capacity of 60 kWh.

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