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BMW i7: a new entry-level engine

BMW’s electric flagship, the i7 statutory sedan has so far only been available in two engines, 544 and 660 horsepower respectively. The new eDrive 50 engine now allows it to lower its entry price.

The Series 7it is an institution at BMW. A elegant and statutory luxury sedan, which has been the brand’s technological laboratory for decades. She embarked all the engines, or almost. The first generation of BMW 7 Series, known as E23, was launched in 1977. First in inline six-cylinder petrol. The second generation, the E32, was launched in 1986 and added new V8 and V12 versions. The 1994 E38 was the first 7 Series to be offered with a diesel motorwhile the 2001 E65 was the first 7 Series equipped with a V12 with direct injection. The 2009 F01 was the first 7 Series offered in a hybrid version. It was followed by the 2015 G11, the first plug-in hybrid 7 Series in BMW’s history.

The first electric 7 Series

In 2022, BMW had once again renewed its flagship Series 7 with the arrival of the G70 generation. It is available in plug-in hybrid versions 750e and M760e. As well as in diesel 740d (with a light hybridization 48V) and in 100% electric version, l’i7 xDrive60. The latter is equipped with two motors offering a WLTP autonomy of up to up to 625km. For a total power of 544 hp and 750 Nm of torque. The Series 7 G70 does not revolutionize the silhouette of the previous generation, but presents a more assertive style. The tapered lights at the rear or the double headlights at the front are one of its new trademarks. This new generation is in line with the previous ones: luxurious and versatile. It is offered with a wide range of engines to suit different preferences and needs.

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A new, more affordable engine

Last month, the BMW i7 was given a new, more powerful engine. The M70 xDrive develops a whopping 659 horsepower, and crowns the range with its sporting vocation, the M is here to attest to this. The chassis has also been reworked by the group’s Motorsport division. Until now and this version is no exception, the range of the i7 was therefore exclusively made up of models with all-wheel drive. BMW introduces the i7 eDrive 50 today. Equipped with a single electric motor, this simple propulsion sees its power drop to 455 horsepower. A “so much the worse for a so much the better”, because son price now drops to €128,500, compared to €151,800 for the i7 xDrive60. This “entry-level” version of the BMW i7 is already available on the manufacturer’s online configurator.

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