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Dacia Duster: 500,000 copies in France!

He is one of the favorite models of the French and Europeans! The Dacia Duster has just passed the symbolic milestone of 500,000 units sold in France since its launch in 2010.

Third brand in France in 2022 behind Peugeot and Renault, Dacia, with 130,855 registrations, has granted itself a market share of 15.46%. Better, the Sandero was the second best-selling car in France behind the Peugeot 208, with 64,293 units! The formerly low-cost brand of the Renault group chain performance and is definitely on the rise with us and with our European neighbours. Since 2021 and the Renaulution plan, several new features have come out, starting with the Electric Dacia Spring and the crossover/break Jogger. Without forgetting the grand SUV Bigster scheduled for 2024. Dacia has also moved upmarket, it has adopted a new positioning, a new image also thanks to the adoption of a new logo and a more adventure-oriented philosophy.

The Duster, this best-seller

The range now includes five models. The mini electric city car Spring and the city girl Sandero entry level. Followed by the break familial Jogger and the SUV Duster. The Logan, 4-door derivative of the Sandero, is no longer available in France since the current and third generation. The product plan for the next few months foresees two new major models. The third generation of the best-selling Duster, and its big brother Bigster which will offer up to 7 places.

Let’s talk about the Duster, precisely. It’s a SUV compact star of sales with us. Launched in 2010, it has greatly contributed to the success of the Dacia brand in France. Even in Europe for that matter. Since 2018, it has been the best-selling SUV to individuals on the Old Continent.. All categories combined, it was the 2e model sold to individuals. ! An honorable score for a brand with a very recent history. The first model of the Renault era, the Logan, was only released in 2005!

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Half a million Dusters in France

The Duster is both a rational choice that goes to the essentials than a model hailed for her behavior and her dynamic qualities. The Dacias of 15 years ago are just a distant unpleasant memory! After a first opus in 2010, the second launched in 2018 also had great success. It is also historical: Dacia has just registered its 500,000e Duster en France! Half a million Dusters, just that.

A list that reflects the brand’s excellent health, according to Dacia’s marketing director for France: “Duster is THE emblematic model of our brand. The most accessible family SUV on the market, it allows our customers to ensure their daily journeys in a very comfortable, efficient and economical way. It also accompanies them in their leisure and outdoor adventures with their family or friends, without forgetting all the necessary luggage and equipment. With this unique positioning on the market, the Duster is one of the models that most retains its customers when renewing their vehicle. It also attracts more and more new users each year since 6 out of 10 customers say they have not hesitated with another model on the market. “

Its success should not weaken since its third generation, which will be presented at the end of the year, will arrive in 2024!

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