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Seats damaged at only 30,700 km: the bill is indigestible!

Owner of two Renault Zoes, Mickaël C. is very surprised by the problem affecting the most recent of them: the foam on the seats is torn to shreds! What he doesn’t understand even less is that Renault doesn’t pay for repairs…

Trying the electric car is, they say, adopting it. This, in any case, applies perfectly to Mickaël C., from Montélimar (26). Already have a Zoe of 2018, our reader decides, at the end of 2019, to order a second one, in his version R135. After two and a half years of use, it only displays 30 700 km. However, Mickaël has been feeling a strange sensation for a few weeks when he gets behind the wheel of his car. Sensation that repeats when he sits in the passenger seat. Intrigued, he decides to consult his dealer.

Ragged Moss!

This then identified a problem of foam on the bases of the front seats. Indeed, it seems to be crumbling, which no longer ensures the comfort and support that Mickaël knew until then. The latter then says to himself that a problem can happen, and that Renault sure to fix it. However, he became disillusioned when the dealer presented him with an estimate of €1,335, without any participation on the part of the manufacturer. Mickaël then refuses to start the work and demands that a request for support be made to the brand. This request will however prove to be rather inconclusive, since Renault only grants him a 40% stake.

Our reader is furious: for him, there is no question of paying these 801 € for such a recent car.

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Our defense strategy

Mickaël’s anger is easily understandable. Admittedly, seats can sag over time and kilometers, but this Zoe is just 2 and a half years old and has only been driven 30 700 km ! Suffice to say that it is almost in new condition. Moreover, for such a problem, the scale of our experts provides for full support from the manufacturer, within the limit of 5 years or 80,000 km, whichever comes first. Renault must therefore assume 100% of the costs here!

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