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This AMG One ends its life in a mysterious fire…

On May 17, an AMG One mysteriously perished in a fire while being transported by lorry in the United Kingdom.

Mercedes’ AMG One had many development issues that delayed its release. It was put into production only very recently, in August 2022. Designed as an ultra-limited hypercar series, it should only be produced up to 275 copies. Although demand has been particularly strong, the German manufacturer does not intend to deliver more.

But as AMG One deliveries begin, Mercedes finds itself faced with a potentially serious problem. As reported by a user on Twitter, a copy suffered a serious accident on May 17. He came out of it completely devastated, having been mysteriously plagued by a devastating fire.

A worrying fire for Mercedes

Photos show that the AMG One has been completely consumed by flames. Of the hypercar, only a burnt and irrecoverable body remains. When the fire started, the car was being transported and locked up in a lorry, likely to be delivered to a customer or taken to Mercedes’ Coventry factory. The manufacturer has announced that it is conducting an investigation to find out more about the circumstances of the fire.

The risk for the German manufacturer would be that the AMG One has suddenly caught fire due to a technical problem. Could the cause of the fire be linked to a construction defect? If this were the case, a scandal could quickly arise around these hypercars. As well as indicates it The Sunreports, which have yet to be confirmed, point to the vehicle’s battery as the cause of the fire.

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The circumstances of the accident have yet to be determined.

“We are aware of this incident involving a car that was transported in an enclosed trailer as part of its assembly process”, said Mercedes. The fire took place around 5 a.m. on the M6 ​​motorway to Staffordshire, England. The AMG One engine is in fact partly assembled in a Mercedes‑AMG High Performance Powertrains factory, located in the United Kingdom.

The final assembly of the car must then take place at Coventry. After a final test, she “is equipped with suitable transport protection and transported in a trailer to the Mercedes‑AMG headquarters in Affalterbach”. It is there, in Germany, that it is finally handed over to customers. To this day it is still not known if this AMG One was on the way to the head office from Mercedes.

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