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This desirable Porsche 911 won’t please everyone

The British tuner Everrati has just presented an electric retrofit kit for the Porsche 911 Type G from the 1970s. Its range is around 300 km and it develops 440 hp.

Here is a Porsche 911 not necessarily like the others. At least for his generation. Sold in more than 200,000 units between 1973 and 1989, it is part of this generation of 911 among the most popular in history. Today, the model that interests us starts a new life thanks to Everratia preparer specializing in retrofitting.

The British firm has presented a new kit to transform this 911 into a real electric sports car without altering the aesthetics or the settings of the car.

Power Injection

Instead of the original 2.0-litre and 2.4-litre engines capable of developing up to 270 hp for the fastest versions, we now find an electric motor of 440 ch mounted at the rear axle, allowing it to be powered. The electric motor is powered by a battery 60 kWh and the car can travel up to 322 km with a single charge.

Data such as 0 to 100 km/h and maximum speed have not been communicated, however Everrati specifies that the installation of the battery and the motor is calibrated so as not to alter the driving sensations.

The weight distribution has remained the same, while the weight itself is “very close to the original”, although Everrati doesn’t mention it specifically. This 911 weighed around 960 kg at the time.

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A sacrilege?

This is not Everrati’s first conversion kit. In the past, British engineers have already tackled other automotive myths, such as a Ford GT40 equipped with a 62.5 kWh battery and 800 hp, or a Mercedes W113 Pagode with 180 hp and 220 km of autonomy.

It is not their first Porsche either, since there was also the retrofit of a 911 (964) with 500 hp and 290 km of autonomy.

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