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When the Google car is not welcome in a Marseille city…

A user has discovered images of an incident between the Google Car and young bosses, in Saint-Jérôme, in the 13th arrondissement of Marseille.

As he analyzed the images of the Google Car in Saint-Jérôme, in the 13th arrondissement of Marseille, an Internet user noticed a problem encountered by the driver.

Google Car driver didn’t expect this

As it passes, the car is scrutinized by many individuals. The presence of the Google Car disturbs the inhabitants of the neighborhood and they make it clear. On his way, the driver travels through a city in Marseilles and comes across lookouts. He then sees himself blocking the way with studs, barriers and even… a trolley!

On Twitter, a user posted the route of the Google Street View car and the behavior of individuals attacking the driver. Equipped with cameras on its roof, the car is not welcome in this district, certainly because of the different traffic.

The Google Car allows you to map the streetsanywhere in the world, and to update the various GPS.

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Menacing residents

When the car arrives, hooded men camouflaged in black stand guard. They warn the arrival of the vehicle, using walkie-talkies.

The car continues on its way in the rue Albert-Marquet but it is cut off. He then stops filming, as can be seen on Google Maps. The images are from July 2020 on the map, while the Google Car passed in December 2021.

The group of individuals succeeded in their mission and mock the driver, as can be seen in the images. It was the user “Crypt’Ozo” who posted the images on Twitter, because he found this scene “funny”. Not sure that the Google employee thought the same at the time…

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