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A Chinese manufacturer accuses another of “non-compliance with environmental standards”

A complaint has been filed by Great Wall Motors with the Chinese Ministry of the Environment regarding its competitor BYD. The latter accuses him of not respecting the new environmental standards.

The war is raging in China to grab valuable market share in the electric car sector, and all shots seem permitted. Indeed, according to The Paper newspaper, a month ago, Great Wall Motors had filed a complaint with the Chinese Ministry of the Environment.

Two hybrid models from BYD were “suspected of not meeting standards for evaporative pollutants”in other words, gasoline vapors (particularly polluting) emanating from fuel tanks.

BYD not en bloc

BYD, the Chinese auto giant, has categorically denied the accusations made by its competitor. In a statement, BYD said: “Our products and corresponding tests comply with national standards and have been certified by national authoritative institutions. »

The builder added: “We invite the competent services to come at any time to investigate, collect evidence and carry out tests. The company points out that “vehicles tested were purchased, stored and inspected by Great Wall Motors. »

This reaction comes a few weeks before the entry into force, on 1is next July, tough new vehicle emissions standards. In China, where the electric car industry is booming and internal competition fierce, more than 300 models from more than 100 brands are on offer, according to Counterpoint Research.

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Suspicions within some factories

BYD had been implicated in another pollution charge earlier this month. An environmental inspection team had visited one of the company’s largest factories, located in central China’s city of Changsha, to inspect the ” gas emission “according to a succinct statement from the City released on May 8.

Chinese media outlet Phoenix Tech reported that dozens of children living near the plant suffered from nosebleeds and nausea, with their parents also noticing a “pungent smell” from the factory. The Changsha government has yet to release the inspection findings, and BYD declined to comment.

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