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Black Wolf, the alternative to Uber with armed drivers

In the United States, a former bodyguard has launched a new ride-sharing service to compete with Uber. Except that his drivers are armed.

A new carpooling application intended to compete Uber or Lyft was recently launched in the United States, in the cities of Atlanta and New York. Quite late on the market, this new company nevertheless offers a fairly specific service that sets it apart from the competition. The client orders a ride, the driver arrives at the meeting point and drives to the arrival point. Just like Uber. Except that the driver can be armed.

“What I create is a necessary evil. It is a necessity “said the founder of Black Wolf, King Brown, in the American media. Its application is very recent. It was only launched last week. Probably due to the originality of the service, it has attracted a lot of public attention over the past weekend.

A more violent alternative to Uber and Lyft

The service offered by Black Wolf is sold as a “executive protection” for people who are concerned about their personal safety. The news is moreover rather favorable to him in the United States, given the number of shootings that affect the country. Since the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, banal interactions that quickly escalate into armed violence have also increased.

Black Wolf told Atlanta News First that its drivers must all go through a verification of their criminal history. In addition, they are all trained to defuse dangerous situations in the event of a violent confrontation on the road. No other information was disclosed by the founder. We must at least hope that the drivers are trained to use their weapon.

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A former private detective and bodyguard at the head of this project

King Brown explained to Atlanta News First that he had worked as private detective and bodyguard. According to him, a significant number of the drivers who work for his company come from the army and security. A video even shows him next to a far-right American politician, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Which strongly suggests that he worked as a bodyguard for this highly controversial woman in the United States.

The Black Wolf app, available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play, offers three types of services. The customer can order a service of armed protection, unarmed protection and special school protection. This last option is presented as a way to send children to school safely. “Every vehicle in Black Wolf App is equipped with a GPS tracking system and live streaming technology that allows our drivers to share location with loved ones”explains Black Wolf.

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