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News: Can the Renault Espace beat the Peugeot 5008?

After its official presentation two months ago, the time has come for the Renault Espace 6 to take on the competition. And what better than the Peugeot 5008, king of seven-seater SUVs, to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the newcomer before submitting it to the first tests in a few weeks?


Launch : summer 2023

L x W x H (in m): 4,72 x 1,85 x 1,65

Single hybrid: 200 ch

Rates: from €44,500

Launch: Spring 2017

L x W x H (in m): 4.64 x 1.85 x 1.65

Petrol engine: 130 hp

Diesel engine: 130 hp

Mild hybrid 48 V: 136 hp (planned for 2d semester 2023)

Price: from €38,120

L‘Space… quite a symbol, synonymous with an innovative concept born in the mid-1980s. It revolutionized the automotive landscape by bringing out a new genre, mainly dedicated to families: the minivan. Forty years later, all this is no longer relevant: SUVs have taken over. But the needs of the tribes remain. So, to remember their good memories, Renault decided to perpetuate this name and to attribute it to the long version (seven places) of its Austral. From the latter, the New Space takes up almost everything: the technical platform (CMF-CD), but also the essentials of the exterior design, adding however 21 cm more in length (4.72 m) and a more vertical stern. An approach identical to that of its designated rival: the Peugeot 5008, leader in the family SUV category in France. This is indeed closely derived from the 3008, its little brother. Compared to the latter, it has lengthened by 19 cm and sports a more squared rear to be able to accommodate seven people. All while remaining very compact, with 4.64 m long. Compared to the current sales leader, the Space perhaps lacks boldness in terms of style (even if that remains eminently subjective). In terms of looks, it takes over the XL grille, the muscular bonnet and the sculpted lines of the Austral. Its look is certainly rewarding, but does not impose as much as the 5008 which, despite its age, is still a real eye-catcher! Dating from 2017, it benefited from a major restyling at the end of 2020, in the wake of that of the 3008. The changes were concentrated on the front, with an enlarged grille incorporating redesigned optics and matching daytime running lights of fangs, giving it a hell of a “mouth”. However, style isn’t everything. When we move towards a family model – a seven-seater SUV in this case – what matters is life on board.

Does Space deserve its name?

Of course, with such a surname, the latest from Renault must meet expectations, particularly in terms of habitability, modularity and practical aspects. Let’s not forget that it was with the original Space that the Losange inaugurated its famous slogan “cars to live”… As mentioned above, its length of 4.72 m complies with the standards of the category, and it exceeds that of the 5008 by 8 cm. A good omen… But, on closer inspection, we notice that it is especially the rear overhang which benefits from these extra centimeters. In reality, its wheelbase (the distance between the two axles, which determines the habitability), is “only” 2.74 m, or 10 cm less than that of the 5008. Would the Space be less spacious? than his rival? One thing is clear: on board, their configurations are very different. At the rear, in the second row, Renault has chosen a 2/3-1/3 bench seat, favoring comfort in the side seats to the detriment of the central one, while the Peugeot offers three independent seats of the same dimensions .





As for the third row, access is much more difficult on the Renault than on the Peugeot. Finally, the trunk volumes announced by the two manufacturers are rather in favor of the 5008… Moreover, the latter has managed to retain practical aspects worthy of minivans, such as the aviation shelves on the back of the seats, the sun blinds on the windows rear or the storage flaps under the feet (in row 2).

Space takes its revenge in terms of equipment and technology. First with its dashboard with the dual-screen panel, certainly already seen on the electric Megane and Austral, but which really throws, and provided (as standard) with the very efficient Google interface. But also with its 32 driving aids, its customizable settings (steering effort, engine responsiveness, chassis agility) and its 4Control Advanced system (four-wheel steering for better handling). The Espace also stands out with its range of engines, reduced for the moment to a single proposal: a 200 hp E-Tech Full Hybrid! It will be available in three finishes (Techno, Esprit Alpine and Iconic), from €44,500. Finally in career, the 5008 is content with modest petrol and diesel blocks of 130 hp (from €38,120). It will benefit, by the end of the year, from a new 136 hp 1.2 Pure Tech petrol unit with 48 V light hybridization (with a timing chain and an unprecedented six-speed electrified automatic gearbox called e- DCS6). But nothing to worry Space on this point. At least for the moment because, in the spring of 2024, Peugeot will launch a new generation of its seven-seater SUV which, if our information is confirmed, should prove to be even more formidable…


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