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Soon Geely in the capital of Alpine?

In full development and in particular in the electric sector, Alpine is looking for investors to accelerate the pace. Geely, with which Renault is already associated, could take a stake in the French sports division

It’s already been two years since the Renault group presented its major recovery plan baptized Renaulution. Destined to drawing a line under the Carlos Ghosn erathis new strategy reorganized the group into four new entities, independent of each other. There was thus Renault, Dacia and Mobilize. The latter is a new brand dedicated 100% new forms of mobility (car sharing, VTC, last mile). But also and mostly Alpine, Of course ! She is in charge ofembody the premium and sportiness of the Renault group. As proof, the disappearance of Renault F1 Team in Formula 1 in favor of Alpine. And of division Renault Sport for sports models of the rhombus. Which will now wear the badge Alpine. The future of the brand, transition obliges, will be 100% electric, and the novelties will soon arrive. A promising development that interests today… Geely!

Geely on the move?

Geely is a Chinese car manufacturer that has been increasing its success in recent years. Its positioning allows it to offer state-of-the-art products and technologies, and this at the global level. He continues to develop and invest wherever he goes. In Europe, it has thus positioned itself as “the most European of Chinese manufacturers”. By redeeming and absorbing the Swedish manufacturers Volvo and Polestar. As well as taking a majority stake in British brands Lotus and Smart. This week, he even announced a stake in Aston Martin! Geely also co-founded a joint venture with Renault, called Horse. Which will soon produce hybrid and electric vehicles in China and South Korea. Finally, the Chinese manufacturer even owns 10% of the capital of the Mercedes-Benz group. Phew! Sacred period for Geely.

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Crossed interests

With such an aura, Geely would be an interesting partner for Alpine. Already because he has unconditional know-how in electrical technologies. Technology transfers (platforms, batteries, motors) would therefore be possible between the two brands. But also because its very strong roots in China would allow Renault to try its luck again in the Middle Empire. Alpine could be marketed there, with local adaptations, in particular luxury SUVs. China would be the goose that lays the golden egg for Alpine, which must be the Renault group’s “cash machine”. The goal is to reach 100,000 sales by 2030, Renault is therefore actively looking for a partner. Their joint partnership in Horse additionally places Geely in a strong position in the negotiations. Sources familiar with the matter suggest that these are going well…

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