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The new XPeng G6 goes into production

Could this be the last chance model for XPeng? Freshly arrived in Europe, the Chinese electric car manufacturer is in great difficulty at home, where Tesla is waging an insolent price war. The G6, positioned opposite the Model Y, enters production today.

He made his big arrival in Europe a few months ago. After BYD, Nio or even Lynk&Co, it is a new Chinese manufacturer which arrives on the Old Continent, XPeng. But unlike its international rivals, XPeng is, like Seres or Aiways for example, a more confidential manufacturer. Founded in 2014the mark was not available so far only in China, where it currently markets four models. Two sedans, a crossover and an SUV. Like most of his compatriots, XPeng sees Europe as a key market in this development strategy, and begins its great offensive today! Norway had already been a customer of the brand since April 2022, which was testing the market there with its small P5 sedan. From now on, two more models are available in the European rangemarketed primarily in the Nordic countries as well as in the Netherlands. The large P7 sedan and the G9 family SUV!

Two models for Europe

The first is a rival of the Tesla Model S. Fully electric, it has a sleek design and a rich level of equipment, which visually has nothing to envy to the sad and bland interiors of Tesla. Entirely electric, it offers two different architectures. Propulsion, with 267 horsepower and 576 kilometers of autonomy. All-wheel drive and 430 horsepower for 505 kilometers of autonomy. The G9, positioned in the same segment, is un rival du Tesla Model X. It is the SUV alter ego of the P7, featuring the same smooth design, to which we have added its dose of testosterone! On the technical side, it is capped at the top of its range by a 551 horsepower electric all-wheel drive, which allows 570 horsepower.. These two models should allow XPeng to break into Europe. But in China, its native country, XPeng is now adding a fifth model to its range, the G6.

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The G6, XPeng’s last stand?

Positioned in the D segment, the G6 is this time the rival of the Tesla Model Y. A sign that XPeng wants to hit harder and faster, it inaugurates an unprecedented platform called SEPA 2.0. It gives him access to a architecture 800V, which allows record charging times. 300 kilometers recovered in 10 minutes. Like the P7 and the G9, it is offered in rear-wheel drive (296 horsepower) or integral (487 horsepower).

Its autonomy is astronomical: it promises up to 755 kilometers! If XPeng took so much care with its copy, it’s because the builder is in big trouble. Its sales are collapsing, its debts are growing, and the price war raging in China against Tesla greatly weakens the continuation of its operations. Without being the “last chance model”, the G6 is eagerly awaited at the turn. Will it allow the return to equilibrium for the young brand? And will it be marketed in Europe?

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