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BYD Dolphin test: attacking the MG4!

We present here the BYD Dolphin, the compatriot and direct rival of the MG4. Also a competitor of the Mégane E-TECH and the Volkswagen ID.3.
When you’re called BYD, understand Build Your Dreams, you better be sure of your product. So, is it at the level of its competitors? This is what we will see in this essay.

The entry level at BYD

It is true that the brand BYD is still little known in Europe and France. Yet it is one of major players in building batteries in the middle country. In the range of BYDthe Dolphin represents the entry level. You also have the Atto 3 WORLD (the urban crossover), the BID Tongs(the large seven-seater SUV), and finally the THE WORLD of Hanthe luxury sedan.

If our model we have to test is the version top of the line from Dolphin whose prices start at 30 990 euros ecological bonus deducted, the version ofentry level of this model is 23 990 euros. Here too, once the bonus deducted. At this price, its European competitors cannot follow. In this price range, there is only the MG4.

What are the flaws of the BYD Dolphin?

Let’s start right away with the annoying subject: defects.

First of all, we can talk about his trunk announced for 350 liters. Trouble, it turns out not very practical daily. This is due in particular to its trunk sill placed very high.

The other faults concern the driving aids including lane keeping assistance. When the latter activates, it turns out to be very aggressive and sometimes gives the steering wheel a swerve… Average because the latter can make the dangerous driving when you lack attention.

Finally, thebiggest flaw from Dolphin relates to road holding who is probably due to his pneumatic mount. Moving, the BYD Dolphin Has motor loss whatever the speed… Dstabilizer.

What defects this BYD?

Luckily for her, the Dolphin doesn’t just have flaws. Positive point, its interior finish. Although the price of the BYD Dolphin is fine below of its competitors, the finishes remain completely satisfactory.

Another element in its favour, the big screen present in the center of the dashboard. The latter can moreover passer from landscape format to portrait format and vice versa. To see now if this gadget really turns out useful daily. Beyond that, the central screen is very responsive and intuitive. Much more than that of MG4.

So this BYD Dolphin?

The Dolphin WORLD ultimately appears to be a good compromise from a price/autonomy point of view. In cycle Combined WLTPthe BYD Dolphin announces 427 km range in this version Design with its battery 60 kWh. For prices, it is cheaper than its European rivals. On the other hand, it aligns itself with the prices of its compatriot, the MG4.

Compared to the latter, the BYD Dolphin is More comfortablewith best finishes on board and a more successful screen.

However, the BYD Dolphin suffers from its cruel lack of handling and its lack of rigor… It does less well here than its compatriot in terms of driving feeling.

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