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Carver S+ test: better than other vehicles without a license?

Presented as a license-free vehicle, the Carver is considered an electric tricycle and offers unique driving, the cabin rotates on bends. It is available in three versions, R for those without a license, S+ and cargo for professionals. The Auto Plus team tried the S+ version today. This is the most powerful, capable of rolling up to 80 km/h.

The style of the Carver S+ catches the eye!

Inevitably, with its look, the Carver intrigues. HAS halfway between a car and a motorcycle, many passers-by will turn around intrigued by the machine. The body is available in 4 different colors and is highlighted by some sporty style elements such as its streaks on the rear fenders and its spoiler. The Carver is also convertible when the sun shines.

Economy interior

To get inside the tricycle, you have the choice between the left and the right, a good point if you are a little tight by a car on one side. Once inside, the place for the rear passenger is modest, without being too small. However, the seat is plastic. The quality of the materials is as for the exterior made with economy. There is lots of plastic and not many style elements. It may, however, be noted two storage spaces located behind the meter and a small phone holder offered. The gearbox controls are located on the left of the dashboard and the heating/air conditioning system and Bluetooth on the right. The counter is quite simplistic and displays essential information for the driver. The good point of Carver is its glass surface. Inside, you don’t feel oppressed at all.

The vehicle starts with a key (not to be confused with that of the trunk) and you must not forget to disengage the handbrake Before leaving.

The Carver S+ keeps its promise of sensation!

From a technical point of view, the Carver embarks on board two electric motors, one per rear wheel. With a power of 3.5 kW each, the vehicle develops a total of a power of 7 kW. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 80 km/h and is limited to 30 km/h on bends. The system designed by Carver is very simple, it is the cab that revolves around the chassis.

Concerning the driving of this Carver S+, it must be admitted that this system of rocking the cabin in bends and turns is quite brilliant. If it is, of course, very particular, driving pleasure is there and the feeling is unique. Unfortunately, this revolution is marred by noise pollution and the quality of materials. The roughness of the road is very disturbing for the driver and causes tremors both in the steering wheel and in the cabin, in addition to a very annoying sound environment. The brake is also very hard as are the shock absorbers. It will take from time to time battle with the Carver on rough roads to keep a good trajectory.

Regarding the autonomy of 100 km announced by the manufacturer, it seems rather to keep its promises for small daily trips. On the other hand, launched at 80 km / h on the secondary roads, the Carver loses a lot of battery quite quickly.

Carver or real car without a license?

Result of the races, can the Carver be a good alternative to a car without a license? Just for its driving particularity, the answer is yes. However, there remains a big black spot on the list of arguments against, the price. The tried model is invoiced over €16,000 which represents a sum much greater than that of a Citroën Ami for example, the star of vehicles without a license.

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