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Electric cars: the ordeal of owners in the event of an accident!

Today, more and more motorists are choosing to buy an electric car. It must be said that this engine has many advantages, starting with the low cost of recharging, lower than for a full tank of fuel. Not to mention the ecological bonus still offered by the government on vehicles under 47,000 euros, as well as the conversion bonus. In addition, drivers also favor comfort, while the offer is now more and more extensive. In short, there are many reasons to choose this engine today.

A bad surprise

However, we also know that electric cars are not without flaws and other small drawbacks either. We are obviously thinking of autonomy and recharging, as well as their still very high price. But that’s not all. Indeed, some motorists can suffer a very unpleasant surprise in the event of an accident. In the event of a collision, even minimal, repair a zero-emission car is a bit more complicated than a thermal car. As a result, the passage to the garage is generally longer but it also often costs much more. And this even for a very small problem, because these are more difficult to diagnose.

Head to the junkyard

But that’s not all. And for good reason, some electric cars have batteries that cannot be removed and are integrated into the chassis. However, in the event of an impact, it is impossible to replace them, or even sometimes to diagnose them. In this case, it happens that the vehicle must be scrapped, while the damage was only minimal. A big disappointment for the owner, even if the insurance should in theory compensate him in this case. But we know how complicated the procedures can be.

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