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Honda e:Ny1 test: a “fun” urban electric SUV to drive?

In its plethora of announcements made a few months ago, Honda revealed a new electric urban SUV for the European market, Honda e:Ny1. This is the second 100% electric vehicle offered by the manufacturer, after the Honda E.

It is to be found already tested on Auto Plus :

Honda e:Ny1 = electric HR-V?

If there is not a certified copy in electric version, the Honda e: Ny1 borrows lots of styling cues to its cousin the HR-V. On the front, the big difference between the two models is at the level of the grille, full necessarily, on the electric vehicle. Otherwise, the very aggressive lines of the hood and the light strip that connects the lights accentuate the very streamlined shape of the Honda e:Ny1. The latter also gives some information on recharging (which we will discuss a little later). The manufacturer also comes to play on the depth with the front bumper. H-shaped, it stands out from the rest of the bodywork. This design comes to give an impression of robustness and stability to the vehicle. It fits well with the image motorists expect of an SUV today.

In profile, however, Honda remained more simplistic. A few lines to emphasize the shape of the wheels, make the connection between the front and the rear of the vehicle and that’s it! The model is still filled with 18 inch diamond cut alloy wheels.

At the rear, the e:Ny1 adopts a style of SUV coupe with a very receding roofline. The depth game up front is also found here, with a brand new font for the brand name. It will be present on all future electric models of the brand.

Dimensions also similar to the HR-V

The similarities with the HR-V are also found in terms of dimensions. The Honda e:Ny1 measures 1m79 wide for 1m58 high and 4m39 ​​long.

As for the body color, there is a choice of metallic vermilion red, metallic topaz blue, metallic crystal black, metallic urban gray and a pearly platinum white to dress up its model. All paintings are offered.

A very refined and “cocooning” interior for the e:Ny1

On board the e:Ny1, Honda keeps things simple. For the French market, the model has no only one trim level. This is the version « Advance » which is equipped with a sunroof which repels 95% of infrared rays and 99% of ultraviolet rays. This unique high-end finish is also embellished with a electric tailgate for the trunk.

Regarding the dashboard, the Japanese firm offers a very simplistic style, with a large 15-inch vertical central screen. It is divided into three distinct parts. The upper space is devoted to navigation and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility. All the controls and settings of the vehicle are located in the middle and the management of the air conditioning is done with the lower part. This breakdown into three parts makes it possible, for example, not to leave the navigation system while tampering with it to adjust the air conditioning, for example. The screen is therefore very ergonomic and easy to handle.

To accompany it, a 10.2-inch digital counter is in front of the driver. Together, they provide all the necessary information to the person behind the wheel.

The seats are synthetic leather and padded, with slight lateral support. In the back you can accommodate up to three people, although the middle one may be a little tight. This seat can be converted into a central armrest if there are fewer of you on board.

The new Honda e:Ny1 also has a subdued lighting atmosphere to offer a real “cocoon” effect inside the cabin. The color of the seats will be light gray or black, depending on the color of your bodywork. The only exception is the body color “blue topaz metallic” will give you the choice.

A “flexible and fun to drive” Honda vehicle? Verdict

Once behind the wheel of the Honda e:Ny1, the promise of the Japanese manufacturer seems to keep its promises. THE 204 hp electric motorthe only engine on the model, offers very good driving sensations, with its different modes: econ, normal et sport. If you are looking for flexibility, econ or normalthe acceleration will be much more fluid and continuous than on some competing electric models. In sport mode, the latter will be much more frank. It will show what the engine developed by Honda has in the belly to achieve 0 to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds.

The Honda e:Ny1 demonstrates very flexible also in its direction and stability. The model owes this in particular to the good work done on its suspension and on the rigidity of its cabin. The driving position also offers good visibility on the road. Small flat on the other hand on the position of the digital counter. Located a little low on the dashboard, it asks the driver to take their eyes off the road.

In terms of architecture, the Honda e:Ny1 is based on the new e:N platform from the Japanese manufacturer. It allows the engine to be installed in the front and the batteries under the floor.

Charging limited to 78 kW

Unlike its competitors, Honda offers a charge of one maximum power of 78 kW for its electric SUV. The manufacturer wants to preserve the state of its battery as much as possible with a capacity of 68 kWh (62 kWh of real capacity, i.e. an efficiency of 92%) which, incidentally, is 8 year or 160,000 km warranty. The 45-minute charging time is therefore less optimized than with the competition. With an 11 kW AC charger, the Honda e:Ny1, on the other hand, does well. A full recharge is done in 6 hours. To indicate the different charging states, the manufacturer has installed two pilot lights on its front panel, just above the sockets.

A higher price, but that’s only top of the line!

The Honda e:Ny1 starts at €47,700. It comes back to 42 000 € once the ecological bonus of €5,000 and the dealer discount of €700 have been deducted. If the entry price is therefore higher than the competition, remember that this is a high-end vehicle. There are no options to add to inflate the rating.

Trial version datasheet

  • Model: Honda e:Ny1
  • Finish: Advanced
  • Prix : 47 700 €
  • CO2 : 0 g/km
  • Bonus : 5 000 €
  • Motor type: Electric
  • Battery capacity: 68.8 kW
  • Power: 204 hp
  • Couple : 310 Nm
  • Transmission : Traction
  • Automatic box
  • Autonomies: 412 km
  • Acceleration 0-100km/h: 7.6 sec
  • Length: 4.39m
  • Width: 1.79m
  • Height: 1.58m
  • Poids : 1 752 kg

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