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Suzuki Swace (2023) test: what is the rebadged hybrid station wagon worth?

At first glance, it’s hard not to be taken aback. The lines of this large sedan, quite discreet, immediately evoke a model with global success. You said Toyota Corolla ? Exact ! The only station wagon available at Suzuki, baptized Swace, is a carbon copy of the Japanese international star. And this is not unusual. Since 2019, the two Japanese brands have been working closely together through a partnership. This allows the sharing of platforms, of the production lines or even hybridization technologies.

Marketed since 2020, the Swace is therefore the twin sister of the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports, the break version of the famous sedan. With this almost identical model, Suzuki benefits from a serious base and, in order not to hinder the partner’s sales, the manufacturer only offers the entry-level versions called « Pack » or « Privilege ». The latter are also more accessible than its predecessor at Toyota. After a first version released three years ago, the Swace, which follows the same life cycle as the Corolla, has logically benefited from the same timing of restyling.

Design: a Toyota Corolla rebadged Suzuki

The aesthetic changes compared to the previous version are minor. We note a slightly reworked grille or even a luminous signature different on the “high” Pack finish. Of new 16 inch rims, with a fairly basic design, are also in the game. If their aesthetics are not the most modern, they nevertheless greatly help the comfort thanks to their contained size.

suzuki swace 2023 7

In terms of dimensions, the Swace does not evolve. The sedan still measures 4,65 m de longpour 1.79m wide et 1.46m tall. Who says large station wagon, says large trunk. In classic configuration, the volume is 596 liters.

Very honorable score which can evolve up to 1,232 liters once the seats are folded down. These also work in 2/3 – 1/3, and can be folded down in one press thanks to a lever directly accessible from the trunk. Practical !

Interior: good ergonomics but little storage

To maintain an attractive price, this Suzuki Swace is offered in only two trim levels. The entry-level “Privilege” version and a slightly better-equipped “Pack” version. In a logic of simplification, the only option available remains the choice of metallic paint, invoiced 700 €.

The passenger compartment does not evolve, or very little. The presentation goes to the essentials but the sedan is well equipped. Facing the driver, a 7 inch screen is now present instead of the classic counters. In the center of the console, a 8 inch touch screen offers an excellent definition. On the other hand, it is rather badly positioned and seems very small in the cabin. It would gain in readability if it were oriented towards the driver. In the interests of economy, Suzuki does not offer built-in GPS navigationbut the on-board computer is compatible Apple Car Play et Android Auto to compensate. Navigation will therefore be done by smartphone via Bluetooth or USB-C cable only, the aging USB-A being non-existent on board.

Very practical, the inductive charger under the console allows you to leave your phone there to regain a few percentages of battery. On the other hand, it is easy to forget it in this dark corner! Last detail, the imposing gearbox control leaves little room for storage space. Finally, if the atmosphere remains dark and quite dull, the materials, practically all foamed, leave a good impression for this price level.

At the rear, the habitability does not change. It remains good even if it is a little tight for large sizes. The absence of a sunroof and the large door pillars, however, greatly reduce the light on board.

At the wheel: zen driving and low fuel consumption

Great novelty of this restyling, the Swace benefits from a engine improvement Welcome. THE 1.8 l non-plug-in hybrid now develops 140 horsepower instead of 122 previously. The 4-cylinder does not change, but it is the electric motor which is gaining power. It has been reworked to be both more compact and lighter.

As a result, we necessarily gain in engine approval. The electric motor, more vigorous, makes it possible to obtain better sensations in town with instantaneous reminders. There CVT box, which still comes from Toyota, is very pleasant if you are gentle on the pedal. On the other hand, as soon as the mechanics are more stressed, the system shows its limits with a combustion engine which quickly becomes very noisy in the towers.

Improvements to the electrical unit allow consumption levels to be lowered a little further. Suzuki announces 4,5L/100km. Without forcing, we go down very quickly under 5 liters. Rather a good score for a sedan of this size. Finally, on the autonomy side, the Swace claims no less than 900 kilometers. And mode « B » pour brake also makes it possible to accentuate the regenerative braking and recharge the 0.8 kWh battery. However, it is not very powerful and does not allow “one-pedal” driving like on some electric vehicles. A last mode « EV » makes it possible to force 100% electric driving. Anecdotal! We only managed to get it to work for a few seconds before the thermal block took over.

Verdict: a very good hybrid station wagon

On the price side, this station wagon starts from 32 750 €. For this price, the standard equipment is very correct, the performance better than the previous generation and above all there is a large trunk. Finally, the advantage of such a model obviously remains its very interesting consumption levels, under the 5 real liters. The “Pack” trial version is charged 34 950 € with the metallic paint option (+700 €).

Trial version datasheet

  • Model: Suzuki Swace
  • Version : 1.8 Hybrid
  • Finition : Pack
  • Price: €34,950 (€32,750 base)
  • CO2 : 102-103 g/km
  • Malus : 0 €
  • Engine Type: Gasoline Hybrid
  • Tax CVs: 7
  • Displacement: 1,798 cc
  • Combined power: 140 hp (cumulative)
  • Couple : 142 Nm
  • Fuel
  • Transmission : Traction
  • Gearbox: Automatic (e-CVT)
  • WLTP consumption: 4.5 L/100 km
  • Acceleration 0-100km/h: 9.4 sec
  • Length: 4.65m
  • Width: 1.79m
  • Height: 1.46m
  • Poids : 1 420 kg

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