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Test Volkswagen ID.3 restyled (2023): waiting for the ID.2…

At Volkswagen, theID.3 played the wrong role. It is she who has, in part, paid for the broken pots of the young ID family., now greatly enlarged. Presented in 2019, the ID.3 symbolized the renewal of the German manufacturer in a segment still deserted: theconsumer electric. Volkswagen had also taken the opportunity to proudly announce its strategy ” Way to Zero“, its plan for carbon neutrality by 2050. With a past marred by the painful dieselgatethe Wolfsburg firm definitely wanted to turn the page and take the plunge on electric, pulling the rug out from under the feet of all its German neighbors!

Three years of marketing later and 600,000 units sold around the world (including 250,000 in Europe), if the Volkswagen ID.3 sold rather well, the compact sedan nevertheless occupied a thankless role: to embody the 1st 100% electric model supposed to replace the timeless Golf. Replace ? Not quite. In a recent interview, Thomas Schäfer, COO of VW has confirmed that the ID.3 will in the near future have every reason to cohabit with a hypothetical ID. …Golf! Only time will tell, but in the meantime, VW is taking advantage of the summer of 2023 to offer a slight restyling to its electric compact sedan and correct the mistakes of the past. But will these subtle changes be enough to convince the public, while the current market is being upset by an ever wider, more efficient and less expensive offer? Answer in this essay.

Design: a new ID.3 with a more mature style

In terms of style, the ID.3 is evolving smoothly. We note first of all the changes on the hood, which sees its black domed plastic part disappear, in favor of a plain body-coloured bonnet. To still meet passive safety standards (especially in the event of frontal collisions with pedestrians), the edges of the bonnet have been reworked and raised. THE shield adopt a new drawing and the stylized fence disappears. Note the addition of real air inlets on the gills, which slightly improve the aerodynamics of the car (Cx announced at 0,263). These small subtle changes are welcome and make it possible to further assert the ID.3 in terms of style, by offering a design that is both more “finished” and also more mature.

On the wings, we note the disappearance of the badge indicating the level of finish and a chrome bar makes its appearance along the roofline. The rims available have the following sizes: 18, 19 and 20 inches. At the rear, the only noticeable change is visible when the car brakes: the taillight extension on the tailgate is now illuminated.

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In terms of dimensions, the ID.3 does not evolve. The compact sedan always measures 4.26 meters longpour 1.55 meters tall et 1.81 meters wide and always rests on the SEM platform, Used by a wide range of Volkswagen Group models: ID.4, Cupra Born, Skoda Enyaq, etc. The safe displays the same volume announced for 385 liters. Last detail, the appearance of three new body colors, including a pretty green ” Dark Olivine Green“, invoiced 900 €.

Interior: better but not everywhere

Few brands communicate in this way. In the face of criticism, Volkswagen affirms to have taken into account the opinion of its customers, in particular in terms of quality of materials but also of ergonomics. At first glance, it is difficult to see the changes: you have to be attentive and touch the materials! The dashboard sees foamed plastic dress its upper and lower part, and light stitching are appearing. Another notable change is the storm doors are moving in the right direction with the use of foamed plasticsimitation in velvet and of tissus soft-touch. Overall, if the design does not change, we feel good in this ID.3! The seat is excellent thanks to the multi-function seats and above all, the very low center console accentuates the feeling of space on board. The right knee moves freely and never hits a surface, even for the tallest people.

Another notable change is the infotainment system. A new touch screen 12 inches is standard for everyone, and the software is updated. Volkswagen indicates that it has worked the layout of its menus and the whole has gained in clarity and ease of use. On the other hand, disappointment with the haptic air conditioning controls and especially the buttons on the steering wheel, which do not change. If the air conditioning controls remain relatively easy to handle, on the steering wheel, that’s another story. The experience of the keys with the thumb hardly offers satisfactory feedback in use. At the rear, roominess remains excellent for the category thanks to the car’s long wheelbase. The only regret is that the storm doors do not benefit from the same treatment of materials as at the front.

At the wheel: no change on the road

Technically, the new Volkswagen ID.3 is still on board one and only engine, positioned at the rear, making it a propulsion. The compact also benefits from an excellent turning radius (10.2 meters) thanks to this feature. Engine power is always 204 chwith a 240 Nm torque. Two versions of the ID.3 continue to coexist, offering two different battery levels:

  • Version Pro Performance : battery 58 kWh who claims 427 km en cycle WLTP ;
  • Version Pro S : battery 77 kWh who claims 557 km autonomy in WLTP cycle

The only technical novelty of this restyling, a charging power which is increased on the Pro S version. Fast charging goes from 135 to 170 kW which allows you to recharge your batteries 5 to 80% in less than 30 minutes. This is excellent value for a car in this class.

In terms of performance, the ID.3 is still very well motorized with its 150 kW block, or 204 hp. The values ​​from 0 to 100km/h are displayed at 7.3 sec for the Pro Performance version and 7.9 sec for the Pro S. This difference is linked to the weight of the batteries (+ 300kg) which handicap the agility of the most expensive version. On the road, the ID.3 remains lively and the compromise offered by the chassis settings are good: even if the cushioning is slightly firm, the car is dynamic in curves despite its heavy weight (1.85 tonnes). In addition, our test version fitted with large 20-inch rims reveals more of the roughness of degraded roads.

In terms of autonomy, no changes. Count 355 km real autonomy on the version 58 kWh and about 260 km on the highway. To optimize fuel consumption as much as possible, a Brake “B” mode is always present and allows a powerful regenerative brake when lifting the foot.

Verdict: prices still high!

On the price side, theID.3 begins to 42 990 € for version Pro Performance et 49 990 € for version Pro S, prices from which it will obviously be necessary to deduct the bonus of 5 000 €. If these prices were relatively reasonable in 2019 when the ID.3 was released, they seem at least slightly out of step with the current offer. We think in particular of the Tesla Model 3to the MG4 or even at Megane E-Tech, better finished inside. Finally, if we project ourselves into the near future, the observation is bitter for VW customers. With the arrival of an ID.2 expected in less than two years, the note is salty when you know that it will be just as powerful with, as a bonus, a similar autonomy for less than 25,000 € excluding bonuses… !

Data sheet of the trial version:

  • Version : Pro Performance
  • Finish: Style
  • Color: Dark Olivine Green (+ €900)
  • Prix : 46 990 €
  • CO2: 0
  • Bonus : 5 000 €
  • Motor: 1 permanent magnet synchronous electric block
  • CV : 5
  • Battery: 58kWh
  • Power: 204 hp (150 kW)
  • Couple : 240 Nm
  • Fuel: Electricity
  • Transmission : Propulsion
  • Gearbox: Automatic, 1 gear
  • WLTP autonomy: 427 km
  • Autonomy Laboratory : 355 km
  • Accél. 0-100km/h : 7,3 s
  • Length: 4.26m
  • Width: 1.81m
  • Height: 1.55m
  • Poids : 1 815 kg

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