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The Tesla Model Y is no longer at the top of electric sales in France in July

On the 1st step of the podium for several months, the Tesla Model Y is no longer the best-selling electric vehicle in France according to the ranking for the month of July.

A few years ago, specialists did not give much of Tesla’s skin. Indeed, the firm was struggling to establish itself on the market with its revolutionary electric cars for the time. Maybe the builder was actually a bit too ahead of its time? Anyway, before the launch of the Model 3, the situation of the manufacturer was very alarming. To the point that the latter very close to bankruptcy. Fortunately, things have improved significantly today and all is well for the American company based in Texas.

Now in 2nd place

A turnaround that we owe in particular to the Model Y, which has met with great success since its launch worldwide. The electric SUV has won over many customers, so much so that it became the best-selling car worldwide in the first quarter. An impressive performance for the manufacturer, which is also still at the top of sales in Europe and France. Well, so far. Because if the Model Y was on the first step of the podium, it now descends on the second during the month of July as revealed by theis chiffres du cabinet AAA Data.

Dacia Spring dominates

However, it is still more than 1,600 copies that were sold during the month of July on the territory. But another model did better: the Dacia Spring. Indeed, no less than 2,127 units of the electric city car were sold over the same period, making it the best-selling zero-emission car in France. It is followed in 3rd position by the Fiat 500e as well as the Peugeot 208. The MG4 is also making a good comeback, while it is closely followed by the Tesla Model 3 and the Renault Mégane E-Tech.

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