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This Swiss ski resort has banned gas-powered cars

In Switzerland, a ski resort has decided to ban petrol cars. The goal? Protecting its natural environment.

While the debate around the pollution of gasoline vehicles and electric vehicles agitates the major cities of this world, a small Swiss municipality made a radical decision a long time ago. In Zermatt it is not possible to drive a petrol car. However, this city is known to be particularly difficult to access.

Located in the heart of a valley surrounded by mountains, it is a ideal location for skiing. Moreover, Zermatt is one of the most famous ski resorts in Switzerland. The beauty of its landscape is not for nothing. To preserve this magnificent environment, its inhabitants have preferred to banish all gasoline-powered cars within it.

Banning gasoline cars, a decision taken a long time ago

In fact, the decision to ban petrol cars from Zermatt is not new. She was taken in the 1970s, before being confirmed in the 1980s. To this day, this rule still applies. The reasons that prompted the inhabitants of this municipality to set it up are as much environmental as they are linked to urban planning issues.

Conscious of the need to protect their natural environment, the inhabitants asked to ban automobiles so as not to have air pollution. In addition, the reception of cars required new infrastructures which this ski resort wanted to do without.

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Cars exceptionally authorized to circulate

Walking through the streets of Zermatt, however, it is possible to see cars moving. Gasoline cars are exceptionally allowed to go there. This is of course the case of police vehicles, firefighters, emergencies or ambulances. Local police also have the right to issue exceptional permits to use a car.

Above all, the ski resort now authorizes the circulation of electric cars at a maximum speed of 20 km/h. But not everyone has access to it. To have the right to drive them, it is still necessary to ask the authorization of the authorities. In general, only local businesses are entitled to it. All these restrictions have made Zermatt a place protected from car traffic for several decades.

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