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Alfa Romeo Giulietta: €4,252 to change a double clutch!

A bill of €4,252 to change a double clutch at 33,300 km! Faithful to Alfa Romeo, Benjamin is completely annoyed by the refusal of the Italian brand to financially assume the early problem of his Giulietta. Especially since the note is very salty…

For some motorists, the virus Alfa Romeo is still very much alive. Our reader Benjamin V., originally from Saint-Gilles (30), is one of these “contaminated”. He owned two 156as much 147a MiToand is now driving in its second Juliet. The latter is equipped with 2.0 JTDm engine of 170 ch and, above all, the TCT robotic dual-clutch gearbox.

This is a copy of 2019 which displays today only 33 300 km at the counter. Despite her young age and her low mileage, this diva poses today a complex and costly problem for our reader. Indeed, a few weeks ago, Benjamin felt difficulties when shifting gears.

Double clutch… double bill!

The Juliet is immediately entrusted to a brand workshop. This quickly concludes with thewear of both clutches as well as the flywheel. The gear changes being automated on this model, Benjamin remains circumspect in the face of this verdict. He goes from astonishment to dread when his dealer presents him with an estimate for 4 250 € to perform the intervention. But our reader still retains a glimmer of hope. Indeed, he has always scrupulously respected the Alfa Romeo maintenance plan. He therefore has little doubt that the manufacturer will grant him substantial, if not total, support. But Alfa refuses any gesture.

Our defense strategy

On a robotic box, which basically remains a manual transmission, it’s an electronic brain that manages gear changes. Impossible, therefore, to reproach Benjamin for a brutal driving which would have led to this very early wear. Referring to the scale of our experts, we find that the care of Alfa Romeo must reach 100% up to 5 years/60000 km. This Giulietta having not exceeded either of these two deadlines, Alfa must therefore pay for everything!

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