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Bentley uses leather tanned with a product derived from olive oil

Bentley claims to want to use 100% organic leather. The product used for tanning is derived from the olive oil industry!

Bentley is going green. Recently, the British manufacturer decided to commit a little more to ecology by launching brand new innovation. Instead of making leather interiors produced using toxic products, Bentley can now make them using a more environmentally friendly process.

The English company has, in fact, developed 100% organic leather to line its interiors. This initiative is not isolated. It is part of his plan « Beyond 100 », which aims to make the company more sustainable. Its new eco-friendly material is to be showcased for the first time in a new car, during the Monterey Car Week in California on August 18.

Bentley seeks to reduce its environmental footprint

This is not the first time that Bentley has sought to innovate to reduce the environmental impact of the interiors of its cars. It already uses leather made from traceable hides and a by-product of the meat industry. In other words, she makes product recycling which she says are normally destined for landfill.

“We use eight to twelve skins per car, all of which come from the European Union”explains a representative of the company, Marc Stang. “Bentley also avoids using skins linked to deforestation, which reflects the work done within our supply chain to encourage greener processes”. From now on, Bentley could even produce its future leathers with a tanning process less toxic.

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A leather made from wastewater from the olive oil industry

Bentley, however, did not want to wait for Monterey Car Week to show off its innovation. The brand already talks about it on its website. Its new leather, baptized « Olive Tan »is made from an organic by-product of theolive oil industry. It allows to create an organic leather “incredibly sweet”according to the company.

Specifically, the leather is tanned using wastewater from olive oil manufacturing companies. The automaker says it is the first in the industry to use this technology using wastewater from the olive oil industry. According to Robb ReportBentley envisage de generalize this leather on its entire range of cars.

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