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Brabus 600: the Range Rover is slumming!

Accustomed to Mercedes-Benz, the German preparer Brabus is now tackling the British juggernaut Range Rover! A transformation as aesthetic as it is mechanical…

The German automotive specialist and preparer Brabus likes to transform, forge and shape everything that passes through his hands. He who is illustrated in the past for its many radical creations of sports or luxury modelstakes pleasure in shake up the codes in terms of tuning. Thus, his creations share between them extreme performance. With some aggressive aesthetic attributes sometimes far removed from their serial counterparts. Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rolls-Royce : its bases of work are exceptional vehicles. With his works, he strives to make them even more desirable… He is now tackling a more original model, in that it is a large SUV. But make no mistake, this one is anything but the kind and placid model of a good father…

An iconic model that slums…

Range Rover. An appellation now well known to car enthusiasts, for a legendary and already iconic model. Launched in 1970, the “Range” had at the time been responsible for supporting the robust Land Rover which had started the line in 1948. At the time, Land Rover designated a model within the Rover range, and not a brand. The launch of the Range Rover, less rustic but just as comfortable crossing paved the way for the future diversification of this brand in the making. In 1978, British Leyland (owner of Rover) formalized the split of Land Rover from the Rover portfolio: it was independence! From Discovery to Defender, from Freelander to Evoque and Velar, the best known of all remains the Range Rover. Currently in its fifth generation, launching in 2021he lost his adventurous side to become today a Very high-end SUV.

Aesthetic and mechanical revolution

It didn’t take more for Brabus, who tackled the “Range” from top to bottom. In terms of aesthetics, it is above all the passenger compartment that is revolutionizing! The German preparer has upholstered the surfaces, upholstery, roof and dashboard in an unprecedented mint green. For the rest, he inherits a new shield carbon fiber, a black grillea diffuser and a specific fin and finally some 24 inch rims. But, Brabus obliges and you can imagine, the magic really happens under the hood… The original 530 horsepower gasoline engine now develops 600 horsepower, for 800 Nm of torque ! Its 0 to 100 km / h is shot in 4.5 seconds and its maximum speed is locked at 250 km/h all the same. This kit offered by Brabus will cost you €8,200 for the mechanical transformationthat, and several thousand euros for each body or passenger compartment component. A pittance, for those who can already qualify for the purchase of a Range Rover P530 ” by grade ” !

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