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Jaguar will not replace its I-Pace in 2025

Premature end clap for the Jaguar I-Pace? The brand’s new CEO Adrian Mardell confirmed this. The 1st electric SUV from the English manufacturer will not have a sequel!

Presented in November 2016 and marketed in July 2018, the Jaguar I-Pace didn’t have it easy. Facing the surge of Electric SUVs and fierce current competition, the British model has failed to find its place. With a year 2022 under the sign of difficulty at Jaguar Land Rover, the new CEO of the group has taken a radical decision: theI-Pace will not be renewed between now and the end of his career, scheduled for 2025.

An unfavorable context and ruthless competition

After an E-Pace and an F-Pace satisfactory in terms of sales, Jaguar decided in 2016 to electrify a first model in its catalog. With 400 hp and 470 km of autonomy, the SUV then presented a good technical sheet for the time. Sold from €78,380 when it was released, the model had what it took to find a place on the market. The only competitor then opposite, the Tesla Model X 75D, was offered at €86,000. Since then, things have changed a lot.

A global pandemic later, gigantic shortages and record inflation have left their mark. The I-Pace is now displayed at more than €93,100 but above all, the massive arrival of electric SUVs has changed the situation. Take the case of ModelYreleased in 2020, and offered at €45,990 today with us either… €40,990 after bonus ! Finally, the massive arrival of Chinese manufacturers on the market

The I-Pace is selling well but the group in difficulty

Last year, it was still a little more than 7,300 units I-Pace cars that have been sold worldwide, representing more than 10% of total brand sales. Despite these encouraging figures, Jaguar’s situation is far from good. The year 2022 was marked by a 28% drop in sales for Jaguar, while its subsidiary Land Rover also recorded a worrying drop of 21% deliveries compared to the previous year.

The arrival of the new CEO, Adrian Mardell after the resignation of the French Thierry Bolloré has also been accompanied by significant changes. The new man at the head of JLR has decided, he there will be no second generation for the I-Pace. While his predecessor wanted to see a new iteration, the new manager prefers to wait until the arrival of Jaguar’s new electric offers, based on the specific JEA platform.

In the meantime, the I-Pace will continue to be marketed until 2024 or 2025. Above all, it also makes it possible to reduce the CO2 mix of the English group, made up largely of large thermal SUVs.

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