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Like Tesla, Ionity lowers its charging rates

The fast charging price war is in full swing, and after Tesla, it’s Ionity’s turn to announce a drop in its prices in France.

When prices at the pump go up, prices at charging stations go down. This adage, which is obviously not one, could be verified at the moment, since that is exactly what is happening.

Indeed, on Auto Plus, we recently told you about the increase in fuel prices. For electricity suppliers, the trend is reversed since, after the price drop of around 10% at Superchargers announced by Teslait’s Ionity’s turn to lower its prices.

A decrease of 10 cents per kWh

Let’s say that at Ionity, excluding subscription, charging has never been very cheap. Before the recent drop, it stood at 0.69 euros per kWh. Thanks to the Ionity Passport subscription, this cost fell by 20 cents, but in return, there was a subscription at 11.99 euros per month.

Ionity has decided lower prices by 10 cents per kWh, i.e. a reduction of 14.5% on the non-subscriber rate, and 20% on the subscriber rate. Therefore, if you recharge your 50 kWh battery, the price of recharging increases to 30 euros against 35 euros, and from 25 to 20 euros with the subscription. Here is undoubtedly something to satisfy vacationers who have gone on vacation this summer with their electric car.

Ionity still among the most expensive

Despite this welcome price drop at Ionity, prices remain higher overall than other providers. Only TotalEnergies is doing “worse” with 0.62 euro per kWh, while Fastned offers its kWh at the same price as at Ionity, and 0.44 euro per kWh with a subscription at 11.99 euros per month .

Tesla is cheaper with 0.42 euro per kWh (and 0.30 euro/kWh for Tesla or via the monthly subscription at 12.99 euros) and Electra with 0.49 euro/kWh.

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