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Tesla lowers the price of its Model S and Model X!

Tesla has just lowered the price of its Model S and Model X by $10,000. Unfortunately, this reduction is only valid for the American market. We explain why.

Since the beginning of the year now, the American manufacturer Tesla lower the price of its vehicles. The models most affordable of Tesla that are the Model 3 and the ModelY had already undergone drop of their fares earlier in 2023.

What is behind this price drop?

This drop in the price of 10 000 dollars in the American market concerns Base versions of Model S and Model X. To justify lowered prices, a New version makes its appearance called ” Standard Range“. This version comes complete versions « Long Range » (Great Autonomy) which moreover loses its name in passing and « Plaid » already existing. We will try to summarize it for you simply. Now in the United States, the old Long Range version becomes the Model S. Below, you find the “Standard Range” version which has less autonomy. And above you have the most extreme version, namely the Plaid. Regarding the Model X, you repeat the same pattern.

Model S Standard Range

About the Model S « Standard Range »the prices across the Atlantic goes from $88,490 to $78,490. Compared to the old “Long Range”, this new version loses autonomypassing 405 miles (environ 651 km) has 320 miles (environ 514 km) in cycle EPA (the American equivalent of the cycle WLTP). She also wastes time in the exercise of the 0 to 60 mph (0 to 96 km/h) from 3.1 sec to 3.7 sec. The top speed, meanwhile, remains the same. To know 239 km/h.

Model X Standard Range

As for the Model Xthe flagship of the brand, the prix goes from $98,490 to $88,490 in “Standard Range”. Like the Model S, autonomy decreases on the Model X Standard Range, going from 348 miles (environ 560 km) has 269 miles (environ 432 km) in cycle EPA. Concerning 0 to 60 mphthe standard Model X does this by 4.4 sec vs. 3.8 sec for the mid-range version.

On the Tesla site, when you configure your model, it is indicated when you are supposed to receive your vehicle. Well, be aware that if you order the “Standard Range” version of a Model S for example, the delivery time is one or two months longer than if you buy a Model S or a Model S Plaid. No information, however, if the “Standard Range” versions have a smaller battery or if Tesla has electronically limited battery life.

Tesla in the top of the sales ranking in Europe

The strategy increase sales volume in cropping at the margins turns out to be winner for Tesla. As a reminder, at first half of 2023the Tesla Model Y has risen to the top position electric vehicles the most sold in France ahead of the Dacia Spring, the Fiat 500e, the Peugeot e-208 and the Renault Mégane E-TECH. Behind all these models, there is still a Tesla, the Model 3, which has also suffered a drop in its prices.

A fall in prices recorded in China

In the middle country also, Tesla has scaled back the price of his Model S you are healthy Model X. However, this drop is not due to the arrival of the Standard Range version in the Chinese market.

Tesla has decided to lower the price of the already existing “Long Range” and “Performance” versions. For the Model Sthe price is revised downwards by 6.7 % against 6.9 % for the Model X. The exact reasons for this decline are not known. However, we know that sales of Tesla in Chine fell by almost 31 % Since December 2022.

And in France ?

It is not yet known whether this price reduction as well as the introduction of the Standard Range version will also affect the European market. As we specified above, the Standard Range version is not currently only available in the United States.

Given the sales figures for the Model 3 and Model Y, it is very likely that Tesla will also lower its prices in Europe, but nothing is certain yet. If some time ago, the Model S was offered with us in a rear-wheel drive version, the latter represented the entry level of the model.

From now on, it is no longer possible for you to order it. From now on, the entry level is the “Model S” with all-wheel drive. Is Tesla preparing the introduction of the “Standard Range” version in Europe?

Case to follow.

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