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The Tesla Cybertruck is already broken!

A copy of the all-new Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck has been spotted covered up and abandoned along a road in California. A bad publicity stunt!

It was in 2019. Tesla aroused great interest (and quite a few surprises too) by presenting a vehicle with a very original design, called Cybertruck. After having introduced four models with a relatively conservative stylistic approach (the Model S in 2012, followed by the X, 3 and Y models), this new model was cleared up, under a dress that was unprecedented to say the least! Because with the Cybertruck, Elon Musk (Tesla boss) took the gamble to explore the very popular pick-up category. Abandoning the electric sedans and crossovers that it had prioritized until then. At the time of its presentation, the Cybertruck was very different from those “Big Three” (General Motors, Ford, Chrysler), which were then exclusively available with internal combustion engines… We are talking about the past tense, because the road to serial production of the Cybertruck was long and full of pitfalls…

two years late

Its design, fortunately for him, was practically not modified between the initial prototype and the final model. After a period of four years of uncertainty, of delays and reportsthe very first example of the Cybertruck is finally rolled out of the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. Two years after the announced date. Although Tesla originally announced four powertrain options, only the all-wheel-drive variant, equipped with two electric motors (one for each axle), is currently available. Claimed range is 300 miles, or approximately 483 kilometers. For the price lists and the official images of the interior, we will have to wait a little longer…

One broken down in California

Because of this delay, the Cybertruck must now face a solid competitionwhich was not the case when it was revealed in 2019. Manufacturers such as Rivian, Ford, Chevrolet, GMC and even RAM have presented or launched their own proposals for large electric pickups. But that’s not the only setback he should face… Tesla is indeed not a manufacturer hailed for its quality of assembly and the reliability of its mechanics and technologies.. It didn’t miss a copy of the Cybertruck has already broken down ! It was the media Elektrek who reported the case, after seeing a pre-series copy in difficulty on the side of the road, in California. An employee of the firm examined it, hood open, before having it covered up and abandoned there a few minutes later. So as not to give him bad publicity?

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