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This manufacturer has already multiplied its sales figures by 30 in 2023!

This is a record first half for the Lotus brand. Indeed, the company has just multiplied its number of sales by 30 in 2023, largely thanks to its SUV.

We knew Lotus for his cars produced in small series in a factory Hethel in England. Now you have to get used to the mass production for the brand created by Colin Chapman.

The manufacturer has just announced its results for the first semester of the current year and his latest exceed all expectations. If the mark had registered 576 sales in 2022in date of June 30, 2023the order book of Lotus has reached approximately 17,000 vehicles in the world.

The majority of orders concern the electret, the brand’s ultra-sporty SUV. There new Emirates completes the order book.

A bright future ahead for Lotus

You will have understood it,electret give a second souffle to the British brand. Lotus indicates that the production of sound SUV accelerated this year in its first fully electric vehicle factory. If the first deliveries have already started since the end of March in China, the brand plans to deliver ses first European customers at the end of the summer.

Feng Qingfeng, PDG de Lotus Group, declare :

“We set an ambitious goal in 2018, with the launch of our Vision80 strategy to transform the business from a traditional car brand into a luxury all-electric mobility provider within ten years. We have spent the past few years laying the foundations for success and today’s announcement demonstrates that Lotus is no longer the same company as in previous years. We are firmly on track to become a global performance brand by 2028.”

The Lotus group think big for his future. He claims to have extended its global network retail at 193 stores and open 24 new points of sale during the first half of this year.

Guaranteed success for the SUV

What if the survival of the automobile depended on SUV ? The question deserves to be asked as there are examples that go in this direction. If we go back to early 2000sa certain mark coming from Stuttgart, named Porsche, comes back strong with the premier SUV of its history, the Cayenne. If we had already known SUV is sporty like the Lamborghini LM002the Cayenne is really apart, so much its success was significant.

We can also cite the Lamborghini Manage. Certainly he has no “saved” Lamborghini, but it elevated the brand to another rank. Straight is the best-selling model of the Italian brand. He allowed the latter to increase the size of its factoryof create new jobs et to bring in new customers. You must know that 70 % of orders for the Urus come from customers who had never bought a car brand before.

Now we can add to the list the Lotus Eletre. This vehicle will mark, for sure, a turning point in the history of the brand.

In the meantime, the year is not yet over for Lotus and the brand is still planning to increase production and sales for second semester of 2023.

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