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This massive eight-wheel-drive fire truck is up for sale

This absolutely gigantic fire truck is available on Facebook Marketplace for 110,000 euros. A surprising sale.

On Facebook Marketplace, a recent announcement states thata very surprising sale. On this platform, it is possible to buy everything and anything, from the simple garden tool to furniture for its interior. From now on, it is also possible to get… a fire truck ! And not just any.

The ad in question is for a Rosenbauer DA-1500. This 1990s truck is rare and original enough to be noticed among the mass of Facebook Marketplace sales. Gigantic, it is thus placed on eight driving streets adapted for off-road driving. And it turns out to be particularly expensive.

A fire truck built on the basis of an American military vehicle

The Rosenbauer DA-1500 is a surprising machine, initially manufactured for the American army. It is, in fact, based on theOshkosh Mk.48 LVSa transport vehicle designed for the United States Marine Corps in the 1980s. The Mk.48 proved to be of great use to the United States Marines thanks to its eight-wheel drive, impressive turning radius and its versatility.

Inevitably, those same features made it perfect for firefighting, especially getting where normal fire trucks can’t go. Rosenbauer, an Austrian manufacturer of fire trucks, therefore started from the Mk.48 chassis of the 80’s. And he turned them into offroad fire trucks DA-1500.

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An overpriced vehicle

The DA-1500 is equipped with eight massive wheels, two drive modes (4×8 or 8×8) and a two-speed transfer case. To improve its off-road handling, it has a 46-degree approach angle at the front. Its articulated body also makes it much more maneuverable than most machines of this size.

This model measures, in fact, no less than 11 meters long and weighs just over 12 tons. Yet, under the hood, it only benefits from a 540 horsepower Detroit Diesel V8. Given its size and weight, it also takes 40 seconds to reach a speed of 80 km/h. It can today be bought on Facebook Marketplace for 110,000 euros.

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