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Audi is removing many models from its range

Audi has removed several models and in particular sports from its catalog, in all discretion. We will explain everything to you.

A few years ago, the manufacturers’ ranges were all well filled. There were then many variations of a single model, with several engines and various finishes, as well as multiple silhouettes. So much so that it sometimes caused a nice mess and that customers had a little trouble finding their way around it all. But at least there was choice, and for all tastes. But things have changed, while the shortage of semiconductors has notably forced manufacturers to review their catalogs in order to reduce production times. And this requires the reduction of certain versions, in particular the less profitable in order to make some space.

A reduced range

This is particularly the case for German brands, which have tended to rationalize their ranges in recent years. The goal is then to lose as little money as possible with cars that do not sell so well. We think, for example, of Audi, which is currently sorting through its catalog. The firm plans to change its strategy to go all-electric over the next few years and is already starting to clean up its thermal models. This is how the most gas-guzzling cars start to disappear, like the Audi RS Q3 SUV and Sportback. These deniers are no longer online in the catalog.

Several departures

But that’s not all, since it is also the case of Audi S4, RS 4 Avant and A4 Allroad, as well as the S5, which finally bow out. Note that orders for the A4 sedan with a manual gearbox are currently closed temporarily. But no date has yet been announced for their return by the manufacturer. Finally, the rechargeable hybrid Q7 is also part of the catalog. But truth be told, that shouldn’t change much as only 82 copies were sold in the last year. Which is obviously very little.

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