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RUF R Spyder: a Speedster without windshield and manual transmission

On the sidelines of Pebble Beach, the RUF tuner presents a spectacular model echoing the famous Porsche Boxster Spyder.

RUF’s latest creation makes its appearance at Monterey Car Week and it’s called the R Spyder, a model that obviously echoes some of the most desirable Porsches, including the latest 911 Speedster and the famous Boxster Spyder.

The new RUF R Spyder is a two-seater “barchetta”, like the Ferrari Monza SP2. Its interior is made up of the original dashboard of the 911 (991.2) Speedster from which it is closely derived, but to which the engineers have added a central reinforcement to separate the two seats. The windshield and its pillar have been removed, as on the McLaren Elva.

Rigorous flat-six

This model is a real Speedster taken to the extreme, with a very pronounced “ducktail” at the rear, like a 911 Sport Classic or even a 2.7 RS. Everything is associated with specific alloy wheels and an aerodynamic kit specially designed for the occasion. The yellow brake calipers underline the few touches of the same color on the bodywork.

Mechanically, RUF chose to keep the flat-six, i.e. the fully naturally aspirated 4.0-litre flat-six. The set is associated with the timeless six-speed manual gearbox from Porsche. RUF simply made a few changes with the addition of a new cylinder head, and variable valve timing for the intake and exhaust.

Who wants to transform their Porsche 911 Speedster?

The German preparer did not disclose any information on a hypothetical small series production of the car.

What is certain, on the other hand, is that if this were to happen, the price would not be within everyone’s reach, since, as is customary in this type of case, you would first have to have a 991 Speedsteralready rare, as an “organ donor”.

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