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His BMW 2 Series Active Tourer breaks down: here is the invoice!

A bill of €3,456 for an out of order engine at 110,100 km! By buying his BMW, Stéphane did not think he would get into such trouble… and such a bill! Yet he always made sure that his minivan was perfectly maintained.

Disappeared from the catalogs of almost all manufacturers, the minivan however, retains a few followers. Our reader Stéphane T., from Servon sur Vilaine (35) thus acquires, about a year ago, a BMW 225xe Active Tourer of 2016, whose counter then showed almost 100 000 km.

Unfortunately, it only took a short time for our reader to encounter a major problem. Indeed, Stéphane deposited, a few weeks ago, his plug-in hybrid at his dealer because something intrigues him in its operation. Quickly, the man of the art comes back to him with very bad news…

A weak gesture from BMW

One of the components of electric motor is faulty and must be completely replaced. An estimate for the amount of 3 896 €. Stéphane does not understand that such damage could occur at this mileage, which still seems low to him. Especially since he has proof that his 2 Series Active Tourer has always been maintained according to the brand’s recommendations. There is therefore no doubt for a moment that BMW will take care of this repair and make this intervention a simple bad memory. Alas, things don’t turn out that way! The German manufacturer only grants him a discount of €440, or 11% of the bill. Stéphane considers that this offer is insufficient.

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